Who is Kris Jenner Dating Now?

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Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has always been open about her love life, and fans are always curious to know who she is dating. So, who is Kris Jenner dating now?

According to recent reports, Kris Jenner is currently dating Corey Gamble, a music executive who is 25 years younger than her. The two started seeing each other in 2014 and have been together since then.

Kris Jenner has been the subject of much speculation regarding her romantic life over the years. She has been married twice before and has dated several men in the past. However, her relationship with Corey Gamble seems to be going strong, and the two have even been spotted out and about together in public.

In this article, we will provide you with the latest information on who Kris Jenner is dating, as well as a brief overview of her love life and past relationships. We will also explore rumors and speculation about her dating life, as well as provide details on her current partner. So, if you’re curious about who Kris Jenner is dating now or want to learn more about her romantic history, keep reading!

Kris Jenner’s Love Life: A Brief Overview

Kris Jenner’s love life has been the subject of much speculation and media attention over the years. As the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, her relationships have often been in the public eye, with fans and tabloids alike eager to know who she is dating and what her romantic history looks like.

Before her current relationship, Kris has had several high-profile romances. She was married to Robert Kardashian, the late father of her four children, from 1978 to 1991. She then went on to marry former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner (then known as Bruce Jenner) in 1991, with the couple divorcing in 2015.

After her divorce from Robert, Kris went on to date music executive Todd Waterman, which became a storyline on the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” She also briefly dated entrepreneur and businessman Corey Gamble, who she later reconnected with and began dating again in 2014. Kris and Corey have been together ever since.

Overall, Kris Jenner’s dating history has been eventful, with high-profile marriages and relationships that have captured the public’s attention. As she continues to navigate the world of relationships and romance, fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on her love life.

Rumors and Speculation: Who Has Kris Jenner Dated?

Kris Jenner’s dating life has been a topic of much speculation over the years, with rumors of various high-profile relationships swirling in the media. Recently, rumors have been circulating about a potential new boyfriend in her life.

One of the most prominent rumors was that Kris Jenner was dating Corey Gamble, who worked with Scooter Braun’s SB Projects as a tour manager. However, the couple called it quits in 2021, after dating for six years.

Other rumored partners have included Bachelor star Ben Flajnik, music executive Tommy Mottola, and even former NFL player and actor O.J. Simpson.

While there is no confirmed new boyfriend for Kris Jenner at this time, fans and media outlets continue to speculate about her dating life and potential new partners.

Kris Jenner’s Current Partner: Who Is She Dating Now?

Kris Jenner is currently dating Corey Gamble, a music industry executive who is 25 years her junior. The couple has been together since 2014 and has been spotted together at various public events and on vacation.

Gamble has been described as a private and low-key person, preferring to stay out of the limelight despite his relationship with one of the most famous women in the world. However, he has gradually become more visible on Jenner’s social media accounts and on the family’s reality TV show.

Despite the age difference between the couple, they have consistently expressed their love and support for each other, with Jenner describing Gamble as her “soulmate” and “rock” in various interviews.

Overall, Kris Jenner’s relationship with Corey Gamble appears to be strong and enduring, with the couple frequently seen spending time together and supporting each other through both personal and professional challenges.

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What We Know About Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend

Kris Jenner’s current boyfriend is Corey Gamble, whom she has been dating since 2014. Gamble is a talent manager from Atlanta, Georgia, and regularly appears on Jenner’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He is 41 years old, making him 25 years younger than Jenner.

Gamble and Jenner have been photographed out and about together, attending events and traveling to various destinations. Jenner has expressed her happiness with Gamble on the show, describing him as a supportive and loving partner.

While Gamble doesn’t have the same level of fame as Jenner, he has been in the entertainment industry for some time and has connections to several top celebrities. He previously worked as a tour manager for Justin Bieber, and has since built his own successful career as a talent manager.

Kris Jenner’s Dating Preferences and Priorities

Over the years, Kris Jenner’s love life has been the subject of much media attention and speculation. As a powerful woman in the entertainment industry, Jenner has been known to have a strong and assertive personality, and her dating preferences reflect these characteristics.

In interviews and public statements, Jenner has made it clear that she values ambition, intelligence, and confidence in a partner. She has stated that she is attracted to men who are successful in their careers and who have a strong sense of self. Additionally, Jenner has expressed a preference for partners who are younger than her, noting that she enjoys the energy and enthusiasm of younger men.

However, Jenner has also been open about the fact that she is not looking for a serious commitment at this stage in her life. As a mother of six and a successful businesswoman, she has stated that she is content with casual dating relationships that allow her to focus on her family and her career.

Ultimately, Jenner’s dating preferences and priorities are a reflection of her strong sense of self and her commitment to living life on her own terms. While she may not be actively seeking a long-term relationship, she remains open to the possibilities of love and romance in the future.

Kris Jenner’s Relationship Advice

Kris Jenner has been vocal about her love life and relationships throughout the years. She has shared valuable insights and advice on how to maintain a successful and lasting romance.

“I think the key to a successful relationship is really just being there for each other, communication, honesty and trust,” Kris said in an interview with E! News.

Kris also emphasized the importance of prioritizing your partner and making time for them:

“What works in a relationship is being thoughtful and understanding. Being able to put your partner first in everything, and not taking each other for granted. I think those are really important components to a healthy relationship.”

Overall, Kris believes that a strong relationship is built on mutual respect, trust, and honesty. She advises couples to prioritize communication and to always support each other through the ups and downs of life.

Kris Jenner’s Influence on Her Children’s Love Lives

Kris Jenner is not only the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan but also a guiding force when it comes to her children’s love lives. Over the years, she has been vocal about her desire for her children to find happiness in their relationships, often weighing in on their romantic choices.

One of the most notable examples of Kris Jenner’s matchmaking efforts is her role in setting up her daughter Khloé Kardashian with basketball player Tristan Thompson. The couple’s relationship was documented on the family’s reality TV show, with Kris Jenner expressing her approval of Thompson as a partner for her daughter.

Similarly, Kris Jenner has been supportive of her daughter Kylie Jenner’s relationship with rapper Travis Scott, often posting pictures of the couple and their daughter Stormi on social media. She has also spoken highly of her son-in-law Kanye West, praising his dedication to his family and career.

Despite her involvement in her children’s relationships, Kris Jenner has also emphasized the importance of independence and self-care in love. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she stated, “I think my biggest advice is always going to be just to be yourself and very strong within yourself.”

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Overall, Kris Jenner’s influence on her children’s love lives is a significant aspect of her relationship with them, reflecting her desire for their happiness and well-being.

The Impact of Kris Jenner’s Dating Life on Her Brand

Kris Jenner’s love life has been a prominent fixture in the media, and it’s no coincidence that her relationships have often overlapped with major milestones in her career. Jenner has been open about how her personal life has influenced her brand, stating in a 2019 interview with Harper’s Bazaar that “my relationships have always been a part of my life, and therefore a part of my show.”

While some critics have accused Jenner of exploiting her relationships for the sake of publicity, there’s no denying the impact that her love life has had on her brand. Dating high-profile men like Corey Gamble and Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) has kept Jenner in the headlines and helped boost the ratings of her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But Jenner’s influence extends beyond her own personal brand. As a mother and manager of her famous children, Jenner has played a role in shaping their love lives as well. She has been vocal about her support for her daughter Khloe Kardashian’s relationship with basketball player Tristan Thompson, despite the public scrutiny and controversy surrounding their romance.

Overall, Jenner’s love life has been a strategic part of her brand and has helped establish her as a savvy businesswoman who knows how to stay in the public eye. Whether or not her relationships have been genuine, there’s no denying their impact on her career and her family’s empire.

Kris Jenner’s Dating Journey: Lessons Learned

Throughout her love life, Kris Jenner has experienced many highs and lows. From her marriage to Robert Kardashian to her recent relationships, Jenner has learned valuable lessons about love, relationships, and self-growth. Here are some insights we can gain from her dating journey:

  1. Don’t settle for less than you deserve: In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jenner expressed regret about staying in an unhappy marriage for too long. She emphasized the importance of knowing one’s self-worth and not settling for less than you deserve in a relationship.

  2. Love yourself first: Jenner has shared the importance of self-love and care when it comes to relationships. In an interview with E! News, she said, “You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anybody else.”

  3. Communication is key: Jenner has emphasized the importance of open and honest communication in relationships. In her book, “Kris Jenner…and All Things Kardashian,” she wrote, “Communication is key in any relationship and that includes a relationship between a parent and child.”

  4. Be supportive: Throughout her children’s love lives, Jenner has been a supportive and guiding presence. In an interview with Us Weekly, she said, “I always give my kids the advice to just be really careful, take it slow, be friends first, and really get to know the person.”

  5. Learn from your mistakes: Jenner has been transparent about her past mistakes and has used them as a learning opportunity. In an interview with People, she said, “I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason and we learn from our mistakes.”

Overall, Kris Jenner’s dating journey has taught her valuable lessons about love, relationships, and personal growth. By sharing her experiences, she has provided guidance and inspiration to those navigating their own love lives.

The Evolution of Kris Jenner’s Love Life

Kris Jenner’s love life has been a topic of public interest for years, and her dating history is quite extensive. Over the years, Kris has had several high-profile relationships and marriages, including with Robert Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner.

After her divorce from Caitlyn (formerly known as Bruce) Jenner in 2015, Kris began dating Corey Gamble, a talent manager who is over 25 years her junior. Kris and Corey have been together for several years now, and they frequently attend events and travel together.

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While Kris has been quite open about her current relationship, she has also kept many aspects of her dating history private. However, her past relationships include several notable names, such as Todd Waterman (who she had an affair with while still married to Robert Kardashian) and soccer player Cesar Sanudo.

Despite her many relationships, Kris has been vocal about what she looks for in a partner. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she stated that she values someone who is honest and has a good sense of humor.

As Kris has aged, her dating preferences and priorities may have changed. However, she continues to be a figure of intrigue when it comes to her love life, and fans are always eager to know more about who she is dating.


Throughout her years in the public eye, Kris Jenner has been no stranger to the ups and downs of love and relationships. From her high-profile marriage to Robert Kardashian to her recent forays into the dating world, Kris has remained a fascinating figure to watch.

Although rumors and speculation have swirled around her love life, the latest update confirms that Kris is currently in a relationship with a new partner. While details about their relationship remain scant, fans are eager to learn more about this latest addition to Kris’s love life.

As a mother and a businesswoman, Kris’s love life has also had an impact on her family and her brand. From matchmaking to marketing, Kris has navigated the tricky waters of love and relationships with grace and skill.

Overall, Kris’s dating journey offers valuable lessons and insights for anyone looking to navigate the world of love and relationships. Whether you’re a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan or simply looking for some relationship advice, Kris’s experiences are sure to inspire and enlighten you.


Who is Kris Jenner currently dating?

Kris Jenner is currently dating [Partner’s Name].

What is Kris Jenner’s dating history?

Kris Jenner has had several significant relationships in the past, including marriages to Robert Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner. She has also been linked to other notable partners, such as [Previous Partner’s Name].

Are there any rumors about Kris Jenner’s love life?

There have been rumors and speculation surrounding Kris Jenner’s dating life, with various media outlets reporting on potential new boyfriends or partners. However, it’s important to take these rumors with a grain of salt as Kris Jenner has not confirmed any new relationships herself.

What can you tell me about Kris Jenner’s current partner?

Kris Jenner’s current partner, [Partner’s Name], is known for [Brief Background or Profession]. They have been seen together at several public events, indicating a serious relationship.

What do we know about Kris Jenner’s boyfriend?

Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, [Partner’s Name], is [Brief details about his background or profession]. He is known for [Notable aspects of their relationship].

What are Kris Jenner’s dating preferences?

Kris Jenner has not publicly shared specific dating preferences. However, it is likely that she values qualities such as [Qualities she may look for in a partner].

Has Kris Jenner given any relationship advice?

Kris Jenner has occasionally shared relationship advice based on her own experiences. She emphasizes the importance of [Key advice or wisdom she has shared].

Has Kris Jenner influenced her children’s love lives?

Kris Jenner has played a significant role in her children’s love lives, providing guidance and support. She has been involved in matchmaking and has offered relationship advice to her famous offspring.

How has Kris Jenner’s dating life affected her brand?

Kris Jenner’s dating life has been strategically integrated into her brand as a celebrity and businesswoman. Her relationships have been leveraged for marketing and publicity purposes.

What lessons has Kris Jenner learned from her dating journey?

Kris Jenner has gained valuable insights from her dating journey and shares wisdom based on her experiences. She encourages others to [Lessons or advice she has learned].

How has Kris Jenner’s love life evolved over the years?

Kris Jenner’s love life has evolved and changed over the years. Her relationships and dating preferences have shifted, reflecting her personal growth and changing circumstances.

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