Who is LaLa Anthony Currently Dating?

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LaLa Anthony, the well-known celebrity, has attracted a lot of attention for her romantic affairs. Fans and followers are curious to know who holds her heart at present and what her relationship status is. In this section, we’ll delve into LaLa Anthony’s dating life, exploring her current romantic situation and providing updates on her relationship status. We’ll also take a closer look at her past relationships and explore the rumors surrounding her love life.

If you’re wondering about LaLa Anthony’s boyfriend or current partner, stay tuned to find out. We’ll provide all the latest details about her love life, including any valuable advice she’s shared about relationships. Whether she’s single, in a serious relationship, or married, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

Currently she is single.

LaLa Anthony’s Relationship History

LaLa Anthony has had a colorful dating history, marked by a number of high-profile relationships over the years. Her love life has been a topic of much discussion among her fans and the media alike. Let’s take a closer look at her romantic affairs:

Carmelo Anthony2003-presentMarried
Reggie Bush2009Rumored
Chad Johnson2012Rumored
NY Knicks’ J.R. Smith2012Dating

LaLa Anthony’s most notable relationship is with NBA star Carmelo Anthony, whom she has been married to since 2003. The couple has a son together named Kiyan Anthony.

Aside from her marriage, LaLa has also been linked to several other notable figures in the entertainment and sports industries. She was rumored to have dated NFL player Reggie Bush in 2009, but the relationship was never confirmed. She was also rumored to have had a fling with Chad Johnson in 2012 and was linked to music producer Timbaland in 2014.

LaLa has also been in relationships with other non-famous people, including rapper Maino and NY Knicks’ J.R. Smith, whom she dated in 2012.

Despite the ups and downs of her love life, LaLa remains optimistic about the future and continues to inspire her fans with her positive outlook on relationships and life in general.

LaLa Anthony’s Rumored Boyfriends

LaLa Anthony’s romantic life has been the subject of public speculation, and many famous names have been linked to her over the years. However, separating fact from fiction can be challenging in the realm of celebrity rumors.

One of LaLa Anthony’s rumored boyfriends is rapper Maino. The two were linked romantically after LaLa’s split from Carmelo Anthony in 2017. However, neither of them confirmed the rumors.

Another rumored boyfriend of LaLa’s is rapper The Game. They were spotted together at various events, and he even dedicated a song to her. However, LaLa denied the rumors, and The Game stated that they were just friends.

LaLa has also been linked to actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The two were seen partying together at an after-party for a movie premiere. However, it was never confirmed if they were dating or just friends.

“I know my life is very public, and people are always going to speculate and make up stories about me. But at the end of the day, the only people who really know what’s going on in my life are me and my close family and friends,”

LaLa Anthony said in an interview with Glamour Magazine regarding the rumors surrounding her love life.

While LaLa Anthony’s rumored boyfriends may be of interest to the media and her fans, it’s important to remember that not all rumors are true. What matters most is what LaLa chooses to share about her personal life and relationships.

LaLa Anthony’s Current Partner

Currently, LaLa Anthony is dating actor and producer, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The couple has been together since at least early 2021, and has been spotted together numerous times in public. Abdul-Mateen II has appeared in several major film and television productions, including Watchmen, Black Mirror, and The Trial of the Chicago 7.

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Anthony has shared pictures and posts on social media that suggest a close relationship with Abdul-Mateen II, including a Valentine’s Day post in which she referred to him as her “love” and “favorite human.”

The couple has not publicly discussed their relationship in detail, but they seem happy and content in each other’s company. Fans of LaLa Anthony are excited to see her with someone who appears to make her so happy.

LaLa Anthony’s Relationship Status

As of now, LaLa Anthony’s relationship status is not publicly confirmed. She has been relatively private about her romantic life in recent times, and there has been no announcement of a current partner or significant other. Although she was previously married to NBA player Carmelo Anthony, they separated in 2017 and ultimately filed for divorce in 2021. Since then, LaLa Anthony has been focusing on herself, her family, and her career.

LaLa Anthony has shared in interviews that she believes in the importance of self-love and self-care, which suggests that she is content with being single and focused on personal growth. However, it’s worth noting that celebrity relationships can be notoriously private, and there may be a chance that she is seeing someone behind the scenes. At this point, it’s all just speculation until LaLa Anthony confirms any updates on her relationship status.

LaLa Anthony’s Love Life in the Spotlight

As a celebrity, LaLa Anthony’s love life has often been in the public eye. Her relationships and romantic affairs have been a subject of interest for many fans and media outlets alike.

Being in the limelight can come with its own set of challenges. For LaLa, maintaining a personal life while under constant scrutiny and public attention can be daunting. Despite these challenges, LaLa has remained resilient and has continued to prioritize her personal and romantic endeavors.

With her celebrity status, LaLa’s romantic relationships have often been with other famous personalities. This has led to speculation and rumors surrounding her love life. However, LaLa has always been selective about what she shares publicly and has kept her private life largely separate from her public persona.

Despite the attention her relationships have received, LaLa has always been dedicated to maintaining her authenticity and has been open about her experiences in love and relationships. Her insights and experiences have inspired her fans and followers, and she has offered valuable advice on navigating the difficulties of romantic relationships.

Through it all, LaLa continues to prioritize her personal growth and self-love journey. Her experiences have shaped her approach to love, and she has found strength in her family and children. As she continues to navigate the challenges of fame and celebrity, LaLa remains an inspiring figure and an advocate for self-love and personal growth.

LaLa Anthony’s Advice on Relationships

LaLa Anthony has been open about her experiences and lessons learned from her past relationships. She frequently shares relationship advice and love tips with her fans and followers. Here are some insights from LaLa on how to navigate romantic relationships:

  1. Communication is Key: LaLa emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication in any relationship. She believes that clear communication can help avoid misunderstandings and build stronger connections.
  2. Self-Love is Essential: LaLa believes that self-love is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. She advises prioritizing personal growth and taking care of oneself to show up as the best version of oneself in any relationship.
  3. Compatibility is Key: LaLa believes that compatibility is important for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. She advises getting to know oneself and what one wants in a partner and a relationship to find the right match.
  4. Trust and Respect are Crucial: LaLa stresses that trust and respect are essential for any relationship to thrive. She believes that healthy relationships are built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.
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LaLa’s advice on relationships is grounded in her experiences and growth as a person. Her insights offer valuable perspectives on how to navigate romantic relationships with authenticity and intention.

LaLa Anthony’s Personal Growth and Love

LaLa Anthony’s personal growth has been an integral part of her approach to love and relationships. Throughout her journey, she has emphasized the importance of self-love and personal development in fostering healthy romantic connections.

LaLa has shared her experiences with self-care and how they have influenced her relationships. Her focus on personal growth has allowed her to prioritize her needs and boundaries, ultimately leading to healthier and more fulfilling connections.

LaLa’s journey towards self-love and personal growth has also inspired her to encourage her fans and followers to prioritize themselves in their own relationships. She has shared her wisdom on the importance of communication, honesty, and self-care in building strong romantic connections.

Through her experiences and insights, LaLa Anthony has shown the value of prioritizing personal growth and self-love in fostering healthy relationships.

LaLa Anthony’s Self-Love Journey

LaLa Anthony has been open about her self-love journey and how it has impacted her personal life. She has shared her experiences with therapy, self-reflection, and self-care practices that have helped her prioritize herself in her romantic relationships.

In an interview with People Magazine, LaLa emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s own well-being and how it has transformed her relationships. She stated, “I’ve learned that when I take care of myself, everything else falls into place.”

LaLa’s journey towards self-love and personal growth has allowed her to prioritize her happiness and establish healthier boundaries in her relationships. Her story serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to prioritize themselves and their well-being in their own romantic connections.

Overall, LaLa Anthony’s self-love journey has been a powerful force in shaping her approach to love and relationships. Through her experiences, she has shown the importance of prioritizing oneself and establishing healthy boundaries in fostering strong connections.

LaLa Anthony’s Prioritization of Family

For LaLa Anthony, family is everything. She has spoken openly about the importance of her loved ones in her life, and how she strives to balance her personal and professional priorities with being a devoted mother to her son, Kiyan.

As a single mother, LaLa Anthony takes her role as a parent seriously and has often shared her experiences on social media, advocating for the importance of spending quality time with her son. She has also been known to share sweet moments between the two on her Instagram, showcasing their close relationship.

However, being a parent while balancing a high-profile career can be challenging. In an interview with Good Morning America, LaLa Anthony said that she makes sure to prioritize her family, even if that means sacrificing certain aspects of her work life.

“If it’s not worth missing my son’s game or something that he’s doing at school, I’m not doing it,”

She said.

Despite the challenges, LaLa Anthony has managed to successfully prioritize her family while maintaining her career. Her dedication to her son and loved ones continues to inspire many and showcase the importance of putting family first.

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LaLa Anthony’s Future Relationship Goals

LaLa Anthony has always been open about her aspirations when it comes to relationships. With her past experiences shaping her perspective, she has a clear vision of what she wants for the future.

One of LaLa Anthony’s primary relationship goals is to find a partner who shares her values and supports her dreams. She has expressed that having someone who is her “ride or die” is essential. LaLa Anthony is focused on finding a partner who is not only attractive and successful but also kind, caring, and compassionate.

Another relationship goal for LaLa Anthony is to have a partner who understands and respects her work and busy schedule, someone who can communicate effectively and is willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work.

LaLa Anthony has also shared that she wants to continue growing and learning about herself in the context of a relationship. She hopes to find a partner who shares her passion for personal growth and is willing to go on that journey with her.

Ultimately, LaLa Anthony’s future partner must be someone who makes her happy, is trustworthy, and is committed to building a life together. She has high standards for herself and her relationships, and she is not willing to settle for less.


LaLa Anthony’s dating life has been a subject of interest for many, with fans eager to keep up with her romantic affairs. From her past relationships to her current partner, her love life has been a topic of discussion in the media. However, despite the attention, LaLa Anthony continues to prioritize her personal growth and family.

Throughout her journey, LaLa Anthony has shared valuable insights, advice, and goals with her fans and followers. Her experiences navigating the challenges of fame and maintaining a personal life under the spotlight have influenced her approach to romantic relationships. Through it all, she has remained committed to self-love and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We can expect to see more from LaLa Anthony as she continues to grow and evolve personally and professionally. Stay tuned for the latest updates on her dating journey.


Who is LaLa Anthony currently dating?

LaLa Anthony’s current dating status is not publicly known.

What is LaLa Anthony’s relationship history?

LaLa Anthony has had various romantic relationships throughout her life, including high-profile relationships with notable figures in the entertainment industry.

Are there any rumored boyfriends in LaLa Anthony’s life?

There have been rumors linking LaLa Anthony to several famous individuals, but it is essential to separate fact from fiction.

Who is LaLa Anthony’s current partner?

LaLa Anthony’s current partner is not publicly known at this time.

What is LaLa Anthony’s relationship status?

LaLa Anthony’s current relationship status is not publicly known.

How has LaLa Anthony’s love life been portrayed in the media?

LaLa Anthony’s love life has often been in the spotlight due to her celebrity status, and media coverage has influenced public perceptions of her relationships.

Has LaLa Anthony shared any relationship advice?

LaLa Anthony has shared insights and wisdom on relationships and love with her fans and audience.

How has LaLa Anthony’s personal growth influenced her love life?

LaLa Anthony’s personal growth journey has likely influenced how she approaches and experiences romantic relationships.

How does LaLa Anthony prioritize her family in her love life?

LaLa Anthony places great importance on her family and strives to balance her personal life with her role as a mother.

What are LaLa Anthony’s future relationship goals?

LaLa Anthony has aspirations and goals for her future relationships, including qualities she values in a partner and her vision for her love life moving forward.

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