Who is Jamie Foxx Dating?

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Actor and musician Jamie Foxx has a new lady in his life – and he broadcast it to the world by wearing a T-shirt with her face all over it. Last week, the Django Unchained star was spotted out in Los Angeles celebrating his 55th birthday. He arrived at a lunch spot donning a black t-shirt collaged with various photos of Alyce Huckstepp, a woman who has reportedly been quietly dating Foxx for some time now.

This very public display appears to confirm that Foxx and Huckstepp are officially an item. Up until now, the pair have kept their relationship extremely private. Huckstepp is not a celebrity herself, but rather works in the dental field. The two are said to have met through mutual friends before the pandemic hit in 2020.

A source close to the couple shared, “Jamie is really into Alyce. Even though he’s known as something of a ladies’ man, he’s told friends that he can see a future with her. She makes him really happy.”

Indeed, Foxx was all smiles as he entered the restaurant in his homemade “Alyce shirt” and greeted the paparazzi gathered outside. He even pointed enthusiastically to Huckstepp’s face a few times, making it clear he was proud to show her off.

Foxx has never been married but does have two daughters – Corinne, 27, and Annalise, 13 – from previous relationships. After splitting with Katie Holmes in 2019 following a very clandestine six year romance, he has been cautious about going public with any new girlfriends.

But it seems the Ray star is ready to share his joy with Huckstepp openly now. The t-shirt spectacle was likely Foxx’s way of announcing to the world that they are serious. And based on the ear-to-ear grin on his face, it’s clear the couple are very happy together.

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