The Versatility and Style of Wicker Coffee Tables

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Wicker furniture has been used for thousands of years, first appearing in ancient Egypt where pieces were created from reeds and vines. The word “wicker” comes from the Old English word wican, meaning to bend. This refers to the pliable nature of wicker plant materials that can be woven and shaped as desired.

Wicker grew in popularity in the Victorian era when new frame construction methods allowed more intricate and lightweight wicker furnishing designs. It became a staple of front porches and sunrooms due to its casual styling. The 20th century ushered in bold wicker looks from designers like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Today, wicker remains in demand for its natural, breezy aesthetic which works well in laidback spaces. Advances in all-weather synthetic wicker fibers have only expanded options for this timeless furniture style.

Natural and Synthetic Types of Wicker

Wicker describes a technique of weaving flexible plant materials versus one specific type of reed or vine. It encompasses many natural vegetative fibers, along with synthetic alternatives:

Natural Wicker Materials

The most common natural wickers include:

  • Rattan: Made from several species of palm, rattan wicker is extremely strong and also pliable. It has a smooth surface texture.
  • Willow: Willow branches produce long, thin wisps perfect for weaving sturdy yet lightweight wicker pieces. The wood has a rustic, textural look.
  • Bamboo: Highly renewable bamboo creates very durable wicker with visual interest from its distinct nodes. It resists mold and mildew.
  • Reed: Often used for chair seating surfaces, reed has excellent tensile strength and a segmented surface design from its stalk joints.

Synthetic Wicker Options

For low maintenance and weather-resistance, synthetic wicker rivals natural fibers:

  • Resin: Resin wicker has exceptional colorfastness and durability. Updated styling gives it a realistic woven appearance.
  • Recycled Plastic: Eco-conscious HDPE or polyethylene wicker repurposes post-consumer plastics. It withstands intense sun and moisture exposure.
  • Vinyl: Flexible all-weather vinyl wicker holds vivid, fade-resistant colors well. It remains pliable in extreme temperatures.

Key Benefits of Wicker Coffee Tables

With so many styles to consider, Wicker Coffee Tables offer tremendous versatility whether your space leans traditional or modern. These key strengths explain wicker’s continued popularity:

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Lightweight and Portable

Rattan and bamboo wicker constructs especially allow easy rearranging thanks to their lightweight frames. This furniture travels well too for life on patios or porches.

Weather Resilient

From hot sun to rainy seasons, both natural and synthetic wickers resist weathering, mildew, and insects. All-weather wicker stands up well outdoors year-round.

A Breeze to Clean

Smooth wicker won’t trap dust and dirt. Just routinely wipe down wicker coffee tables using soap and water without worry over rough surfaces or crevices.

Budget-Friendly Price Points

The adaptable nature of wicker keeps costs low. You can find affordable, well-made pieces at most price points to suit your budget.

Mix and Match Styles

From white-washed coastal looks to dark rattan bistro sets, wicker’s variety plays well with other furniture. The neutral foundation mixes effortlessly.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wicker Table

As you browse different wicker coffee table shapes, sizes and looks, keep these aspects in mind:

Perfectly Scaled Size

Make sure to measure your space instead of relying on product images alone. Check dimensions to ensure enough clearance around sofas and pathways.

Durability Needs

Consider table longevity if you have kids or pets. Reed or peel-and-stick rattan wraps sacrifice some strength for lighter forms. Resin and vinyl stand up to heavy use.

Design Style Goals

Decide if you want an ultra-modern acrylic and wicker combo table or a breezy rounded rattan piece to complement seaside décor styles. There are diverse wicker options for any aesthetic.

Integrated Storage

Look for lower shelf space, drawers or cabinet doors if tidying blankets, games or remote controls. Nesting coffee tables also increase flexibility.

Cost Comparisons

Set an overall budget and table needs before falling for a trendy silhouette not sized for purpose. Compare quality construciton and warranties on similar styles before deciding.

Caring for Your Wicker Coffee Table

A few simple maintenance practices will help wicker furniture retain its beauty over many years. Be sure to:

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Routinely Wipe Surfaces

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe wicker down every couple weeks. This lifts away dust and dirt before it accumulates.

Shield from Sun and Moisture

Move wicker pieces out of direct sunlight whenever possible to avoid fading. Bring rattan sets under shelter during rains and heavy dew to help them retain shape.

Repair Any Damage

If table corners split or vinyl strapping frays, apply a flexible clear furniture sealant as soon as possible to protect exposed areas. For rattan peeling, use peel-and-stick wraps to cover blemishes.

Where to Buy Wicker Coffee Tables

Quality wicker furniture starts with reputable sources. Be sure to inspect weave tightness, reinforcements and finishes in person whenever possible. Top retailers include:

Online Outlets

Wayfair and Overstock carry a huge variety of wicker coffee table styles with detailed product specifications. Sort by customer reviews. Free shipping helps if you need returns.

Big Box Retailers

Mainstays like Target and Walmart sell affordable resin wicker basics year-round for patio and dorm furniture needs. Selections run limited.

Specialty Stores

Pier 1, Crate and Barrel, and Scandinavian Designs offer both time-tested natural wicker designs alongside modern synthetic interpretations. Browse in theircatalogs by style for side-by-side comparisons.

On-Trend Wicker Coffee Table Looks

From whitewashed frames to unexpected woven shapes, wicker adapts to the latest interior trends with ease. Modern tables to watch for include:

Woven Pattern Statements

Contemporary acrylic, metal and wicker combinations make small spaces shine. The goals are interesting lines and plenty of surface transparency.

Rattan Frame Focus

Keep things simple and let the gorgeous tones and texture of stained or natural rattan make the visual impact. Layer on decorative tabletop pieces.

Weathered Finish Touches

Coastal charm gets easy updates with finishes like airy pastel blues, weathered gray and distressed white paint over natural rattan shapes.

Multipurpose Designs

Look for nested tables, lift-top surfaces, integrated trays and storage cubbies to amplify everyday usefulness. The latest wicker tables work hard.

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With its light and breezy appeal, wicker not only suits laidback decorative styles but also makes smart, resilient furniture. Wicker coffee tables lend weather-resistant versatility for indoor and outdoor living at pleasing price points.

Whether you prefer natural rattan, all-weather resin or recycled plastic frames, protecting their beauty only requires simple periodic cleaning and seasonal care for years of enjoyment. Their unfussy profiles and neutral hues mix perfectly with existing furnishings.

For portable, fuss-free coffee table style perfect for gathering around, wicker sets the stage with cozy charm and casual flexibility most spaces need.


What are the most popular wicker coffee tables?

The Cabana Collection from Pier 1 offers top-rated modular wicker tables in gray, brown and cream tones perfect for small spaces. For rustic charm, the Carmel Natural Wicker Table with a storage shelf from Wayfair scores high marks.

How much weight can wicker coffee tables hold?

Quality rattan frame tables support 50-75 pounds while synthetic all-weather resin wicker coffee tables can handle 100+ pounds easily. Always check product details as less expensive reed or peel-and-stick versions sacrifice durability. Nesting tables spread weight across two surfaces.

What color wicker table works in any room?

Espresso tables complement both modern and contemporary spaces with their dark coffee tones. Light cream tables keep rooms airy. Navy blue makes a versatile neutral that fits coastal, farmhouse or urban schemes.

Should you seal wicker furniture?

Sealing natural wicker is wise for improved weather and moisture resistance on patio tables. Look for clear sealants safe for outdoor pieces. Most synthetic all-weather wicker already has UV shielding so sealants aren’t necessary indoors.

What is better – glass or wood for a wicker tabletop?

Tempered glass tops add breezy style and are very durable for high traffic areas. Wood brings warmth but requires more protection from water rings. Composite wood-resin blends offer durability without an all-glass aesthetic.

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