Protecting Jersey City Home Exteriors from Weather Damage

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Jersey City homeowners know their property’s exterior takes a beating from the elements. Harsh Jersey winters, where temperatures frequently drop below freezing, combined with salt air from nearby waterways can cause exterior surfaces to fail over time. From peeling paint, rotting wood, to cracks in masonry, left unattended these issues lead to costly repairs.

With regular inspections and maintenance, costly repairs can be avoided. This article will cover common Jersey City Exterior Repair, benefits of staying on top of issues, tips for hiring contractors, descriptions of common repairs, and how to keep repairs looking great long-term.

Common Exterior Issues in Jersey City

Jersey City exteriors face several common enemies. Here are the major problems we see on local homes:

Peeling Paint and Fading

Over time paint will peel, flake and fade due to sun exposure, moisture penetration, and natural breakdown of the products. Older lead paint also chips and peels as wood swells and contracts. Fading and peeling looks unattractive and allows moisture to penetrate exterior surfaces leading to more costly repairs if left too long.

Rotting Wood and Damage

Untreated wood exposed to moisture from rain, snow, and groundwater sources will eventually rot, warp and split. Trim, window sills, doors, and masonry skirting see the most deterioration. Rotted wood also attracts carpenter ants, termites, and other pests creating further damage.

Masonry Cracks and Deterioration

Standard masonry cracks appear as homes settle over the years. Water seeping into cracks during seasonal freeze/thaw cycles expands fissures further. Mortar also erodes naturally leading to moisture penetration, pest infestations, and structural issues if not repaired promptly.

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Staying on top of exterior maintenance provides Jersey City homeowners countless benefits, including:

Protect Investment and Value

Routine cleaning, inspections, repairs and repainting protects your most valuable asset – your home. Putting off maintenance leads to exacerbated problems and much higher repair costs.

Prevent Further Damage

Finding and fixing small issues early prevents bigger, more expensive issues later. For example, resealing cracks stops water intrusion leading to erosion, decay and possibly foundation damage.

Improve Curb Appeal

A clean, crisp exterior projects pride of ownership. Having your home professionally washed, painted and repaired improves street appearance and makes an outstanding first impression on visitors.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Hiring qualified contractors ensures repairs properly address underlying causes, not just mask surface issues. Here’s what to look for:

Check Reviews and References

Online reviews provide transparency into companies’ quality of work and customer service. Speaking with past clients offers more detail while ensuring consistently positive experiences.

Ensure Proper Licensing and Insurance

Always verify current licensing and insurance coverage. This protects you from liability claims if workers are injured onsite. Check for lead paint certification where required.

Get Detailed Written Estimates

Avoid ballpark verbal quotes. Require itemized estimates clearly defining scope of work plus material types and brands. Compare app,es to apples across multiple estimates.

Repairing and Preparing Exteriors

Now that underlying causes have been addressed, it’s time to consider which facade repairs your Jersey City home needs. Common options include:

Power Washing

Over time dirt, mildew and pollution buildup on siding, masonry, fences and outdoor structures. Power washing removes debris providing a clean surface for sealing and painting.

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Scraping loose paint, priming bare wood, caulking gaps and applying quality exterior paints/stains breathes new life into surfaces while sealing out moisture.

Masonry Repairs

Tuckpointing repairs eroded mortar while sealing cracks and holes with polymeric fillers and mortars stops moisture intrusion/damage. Chimneys may need repointing too if crumbling mortar is present.

Carpentry and Siding

Rotted trim, fascia, shutters plus cracked/peeling shingles require replacement. Match original styles or upgrade materials for better performance.

Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

Clogged gutters cause water to spill over edges leading to fascia decay, foundation issues and landscape erosion. Professional cleanings paired with gutter/downspout repairs prevent further damage.

Deck/Porch Maintenance

Like other exterior surfaces, time, weather and heavy use takes a toll on decking and porches. Refastening loose boards, securing railings, power washing and sealing protects these valuables spaces.

Maintaining Repairs

Preserving quality repairs ensures Jersey City homes retain their curb appeal for years. Here are helpful tips:

Inspect and Catch Issues Early

Periodically inspect all exterior surfaces including less noticeable spots like roof eaves. Address new cracks, moisture spots, etc. quickly before growing into big jobs.

Clean Gutters and Drainage

Clogged fall gutters lead to ice dams, rot and water intrusion. Routinely clearing debris out of gutters, downspouts, drainage grates and window wells ensures proper water flow away from homes.

Re-Paint and Re-Stain As Needed

Plan on refreshing paints/stains every 5-10 years depending on sun exposure, color selection and product quality. Spot touch ups may carryover until full refreshes are necessary. Proper prep work is key.

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In conclusion, Jersey City’s variable climate coupled with pollution takes an annual toll on home exteriors. Addressing issues promptly maintains home values while preventing costly structural damage long-term. Hiring qualified contractors for routine cleaning, inspections and repairs ensures exteriors stand the test of time. Reach out today to discuss protecting your most valuable investment – your home!


What causes exterior paint peeling?

Paint peels due to sun exposure, excessive moisture penetration from leaks or poor drainage, natural aging of products, degradation of underlying wood, improper surface preparation and using low quality paints.

Do I need to repair hairline cracks in masonry?

Yes, sealing cracks stops moisture intrusion that erodes mortar further and penetrates subsurface materials. Continued freeze/thaw cycles expand cracks exponentially.

How often should I have gutters cleaned?

Industry experts recommend cleaning gutters at least twice a year, especially important before winter and after spring pollen/debris seasons. Having a maintenance plan addresses debris buildup before causing any problems.

What’s the benefit of power washing?

Power washing rejuvenates exteriors by removing years of built up dirt, car exhaust soot, environmental pollutants and stains that hinder performance of paints, stains and sealants applied on top for protection.

How long does a new paint job last?

On average, new exterior paints/stains applied properly last 5-10 years depending on product quality, proper surface prep, color selection and sun exposure levels before needing refreshed. Darker bold colors may require more frequent treatments.

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