Who is Harris Faulkner’s Husband?

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Harris Faulkner is a prominent American newscaster and television host, best known for co-hosting the daytime news program Outnumbered on Fox News Channel. She has built an acclaimed career over the past three decades reporting and analyzing current events and public policy from a centrist political perspective.

However, while Harris is open about her life and work in the public eye, one aspect she values privacy around is her family and husband. This article will explore more about Tony Berlin, diving into his background and relationship with the popular broadcast journalist. It will analyze what makes their 30-year marriage continue to thrive in the high-pressure world of television news.

About Harris Faulkner

Before getting into the details around Tony Berlin, it’s helpful to understand more about Harris Faulkner’s own journey and what led to their eventual connection. Born in 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, Harris pulled inspiration from her military father to pursue public service. After excelling in humanities and communications during her undergraduate degree, she jumped into broadcast journalism through internships at local television stations.

Her passion and poise in front of the camera were evident from the start. Harris landed an on-air reporter role at WNCT-TV while finishing her master’s degree. This kickstarted a decade and a half of building her reputation as an incisive and thoughtful presenter across networks like ABC and NBC. A chance meeting with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes in 2005 pivoted her career, bringing Harris into the Fox family.

Early Life and Career

Harris attributes much of her boldness, diligence and principled approach to being raised in a family of veterans. Both her father and grandfather were celebrated pilots in the U.S. military, with legacies of leadership that inspired Harris from childhood. She grew up between Atlanta and small-town Georgia, developing her Southern charm and learning the value of community, faith and discipline.

Harris was drawn to humanities subjects at the University of California, Santa Barbara, earning a B.A. in Mass Communications in 1987. She pursued these interests further through an M.A. in Communications from San Jose State University while simultaneously breaking into local TV news. This ability to balance challenging career pursuits and academic discipline demonstrated Harris’ exceptional time management and laser focus on her goals from early on.

Marriage to Tony Berlin

In the midst of jumpstarting her broadcasting career in the early 1990s, Harris was introduced through mutual acquaintances to the man who would become her husband of 30+ years – Tony Berlin. More private and reserved than his future wife, Tony has intentionally kept a lower profile over the years, letting Harris shine in the limelight of her television success while providing steadfast support both at home and professionally.

The ingredients that bond the two seem a bit magical or serendipitous on the surface. But their enduring marriage reflects deep-rooted compatibility, mutual understanding and shared values upon which a lifetime partnership thrives. Both Harris and Tony grew up with military fathers and disciplined lifestyles, giving them similar perspectives on family, duty and work ethic from a young age.

As Harris has navigated the volatile world of television news – through periods of upheaval in the industry along with her rapid individual rise to fame – Tony has been a voice of wisdom and clarity, keeping her grounded in what matters most. Above all, he is Harris’ best friend and Number One fan, as she often affectionately calls him on social media.

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Tony Berlin’s Background

Who exactly is this steadfast, supportive husband who Harris Faulkner refers to as her personal MVP (Most Valuable Person)? While much less can be found about Tony Berlin’s early years and private life compared to his prominent wife, some key details help illuminate the character behind one of Harris’ biggest champions.

Family and Early Life

Like Harris, Tony Berlin grew up aware of public service and duty to country, with his father serving in the U.S. Army. Little is publicly known about Tony’s mother or other family members, keeping in line with the Berlins’ choice to remain mostly out of the spotlight. Tony maintains a polite but purposefully low-key presence at public events or red carpets with Harris over the years.

Education and Career

Tony studied at the University of California, Davis where he completed his bachelor’s degree. His career path has centered more on business roles behind the scenes rather than in front of cameras or audiences. Over the years, Tony has provided steadfast support in managing different aspects of Harris’ public career.

Among other responsibilities, Tony oversees Harris Faulkner’s award-winning charity organization Keys to Life Foundation as director and trustee. Founded in 2014, Keys to Life provides mentoring programs and scholarships to young adults from military families pursuing higher education. Tony’s professional support to the foundation allows Harris to focus fully on her broadcast journalism work while still actively engaging with this cause close to her heart during evenings, weekends and other available time.

Personal Interests

Beyond his duties helping manage Harris’ broadcasting business matters and foundation program logistics, Tony is passionate about fitness, regularly weight trains and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Keeping active is a priority they share, with Harris an enthusiastic early morning workout fanatic as well. Tony also enjoys traveling when they can coordinate schedules, catching Bay Area sports games, and spending quality time with their two daughters.

Harris and Tony’s Relationship

Beyond Tony’s steadfast support helping Harris juggle the pieces of a high-octane career and raising a family, the two connected early on through shared values and vision for what they wanted in life and partnership. Though opposites in many ways, Harris and Tony balance each other beautifully with their distinct strengths intertwining.

How They Met

Harris and Tony actually met through happenstance, with neither one looking for love when they crossed paths through mutual friends. Harris recalls she was busy pouring herself into journalism with little time for dating, while Tony was focused on his burgeoning business career. But when introduced socially, enjoyable conversation and laughter came easily between them, along with realization they had some special similarities that bonded them.

Within a few months, they solidified their partnership, seeing aligned priorities for faith, family, fitness and service. Tony clearly admired Harris’ go-getter attitude and rising career, while she appreciated his wisdom, discretion and supportiveness. They balanced each other seamlessly when it came to lifestyle as well – Harris preferring early mornings as her peak productivity time, while Tony is a night owl.

Wedding and Children

The two wed in a private ceremony a year after meeting in 1993. Harris has spoken glowingly over the years about her husband’s steadfast partnership from newlywed through parenthood and climbing career ladder. She appreciates deeply that Tony celebrates her accomplishments genuinely without competitiveness or ego interfering.

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In 2001, they welcomed their first daughter, Bella Joy, and second daughter, Danica Berlin, followed in 2003. Harris is fiercely protective about allowing her daughters public exposure, though expresses often that being their mom is her most treasured role in life. She credits Tony wholeheartedly with being the supportive anchor that allows her to pursue professional dreams without guilt or overwhelm navigating parenting duties.

Balancing Work and Family

Indeed, Harris emphasizes often that between Tony’s diligent coordination on the home front and supportive leadership within her public career, she has the best of all scenarios being able to thrive equally in work and family worlds. She knows the extreme blessings of her circumstances that allow this, acknowledging most women are not afforded the layer of domestic and professional support Tony provides.

Harris reflects that while being pulled from a breaking news desk to handle a child’s sudden sickness is not ideal, it’s her reality at times that requires understanding and teamwork to manage gracefully. Tony’s levelheaded, solutions-focused approach keeps their family unit smoothly on track during hectic seasons of Harris’ news delivery duties or girls’ school demands.

What Makes Their Marriage Work

Reaching 30+ years of marriage while asynchronously climbing career ladders and raising children under the scrutiny of public life is no casual feat. So what’s the glue keeping Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin going strong in both publicly visible and intimate private ways? The answers point to the foundations on which they built their partnership from day one.

Mutual Respect

At its core, Harris and Tony demonstrate enormous respect for each other as individuals – both before and during their marriage partnership. Harris speaks appreciatively of Tony’s respect for her dreams that were dealbreakers if not supported in a life partner. Likewise, Tony’s discretion reveals his respect for letting Harris shine while avoiding self-promotion.

Shared Values

Along with mutual respect, Harris and Tony connected quickly over shared values about life priorities and vision for their partnership. These included desires to:

  • Put faith and family before fame and fortune
  • Lead lives of integrity and discipline
  • Lift up their communities through service and generosity
  • Balance stimulating careers with quality time together

Harris acknowledges neither she nor Tony grew up wealthy. Seeing their parents serve others through military duty and community leadership instilled civic-mindedness and purpose beyond pursuit of wealth. Intelligence, kindness, leadership and discipline were valued in their households over material excess.

Prioritizing faith, fitness and family time keeps them grounded in what matters most. Even in peak career moments, these values help filter major decisions and schedule demands.

Embracing Differences

While Harris credits fully aligning values as essential glue for longevity, she also emphasizes a willingness to embrace differences as critical. Attempting to bend, change or critique innate aspects of a partner will erode affection. She and Tony exhibit trust and acceptance of each other’s divergent qualities.

As one simple example, Harris thrives as a morning person, waking before dawn for reflection and exercise. Tony revels in quiet nights, burning the midnight oil in his home office. Rather than fault each other’s schedules, they’ve adapted their routines to allow maximum productivity and space for these personal preferences.

On a deeper level, Tony seems to innately understand Harris needs and appreciates constant activity, thriving under high intensity and tight deadlines that cause others to buckle. He admires rather than resents her pursuit of bold career goals, providing steady guidance and wisdom rather than attempting to constrain her dreams.

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Harris also acknowledges Tony’s more reticent public persona is central to who he is, not something needing fixing. She respects his privacy, just as Tony respects her professional ambition. Through accepting innate differences, trust continues fortifying their marriage foundation.

Looking to the Future

While Harris remains firmly anchored in at-times overwhelming present career demands as she stretches herself across Fox platforms from news to entertainment, she acknowledges she doesn’t lose sight of family being core to long-term happiness. She envisions in 10-15 years, likely slowing down professionally to enjoy more flexibility and quality time as the parenting duties ease.

Tony inspires her to live purposefully in the present but also keep the future arc of their lives aligned around faith, service and family. In recent years, Harris bought the rights to a play called “Power of Healing” she someday envisions producing to tour around for inspiration and fundraising support. Bringing uplifting artistic projects like these to fruition seems like the types of second acts Tony continues proactively brainstorming with his visionary wife.

Another shared passion is travel; Harris quips she’d love to sneak away with Tony for six months straight to indulge serious wanderlust. But both pragmatically admit they’ll likely continue some level of steady work rhythm along the journey given how intrinsically their careers and income intertwine with life purpose.

Final Thoughts

Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin’s journey holds inspiration for others seeking to balance ambitious careers, family life and long-horizon marriage success. Their discretion and grace managing public fame while keeping private family bonds strong is remarkable. Tony takes pride in supporting Harris’ dreams without needing his own spotlight.

At the end of the day, Harris credits her husband’s love and support as her bedrock source of strength. Tony’s character and conviction to empower his wife’s calling makes the magic happen daily behind the scenes. Though notoriously private, this glimpse into Harris Faulkner’s life partner reveals quiet chemistry and wisdom that allows two very different souls to soar together through shared faith in God and each other.


How long have Harris and Tony been married?

30+ years, since around 1993. They met in 1992 and were married approximately one year later.

What does Tony Berlin do for work?

Tony holds business executive roles helping manage Harris’ media career along with coordinating her Keys to Life nonprofit foundation focused on military family scholarship programs.

Do Harris and Tony Berlin have children?

Yes, they have two daughters together – Bella Joy born in 2001 and Danica Berlin in 2003. Harris is very protective of her daughters’ privacy so they remain mostly out of the spotlight.

Where do Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin live?

The family resides in New York to accommodate Harris’ Fox News show taping schedule. They own a family retreat home in Tony’s native California that they escape to whenever possible.

What common values bond Harris and Tony Berlin’s marriage?

Though different personalities in many ways, Harris and Tony connect deeply over shared values of faith, integrity, health and wellness, public service and family. Their military upbringings instilled similar perspectives on duty, discipline and leadership values from childhood.

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