Who is Angela Simmons Dating?

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When Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev Run from iconic hip hop group Run DMC, posted a photo with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti on New Year’s Eve and declared him her “official,” fans were stunned. This seeming mismatched pair have actually been friends for years, but romance only sparked recently after Gotti helped Simmons through a difficult time.

Simmons, a fashion designer, model and TV personality known for her roles on Growing Up Hip Hop and Run’s House, has lived a high-profile life in the spotlight since childhood. As Rev Run’s princess, expectations were sky-high for the beautiful young Angela to find a king who was up to par. Her relationships over the years with big names like Bow Wow and basketball star Daniel Jacobs seemed promising but ultimately fizzled.

Meanwhile, Yo Gotti has quietly been building a hip hop empire of his own as founder of Collective Music Group. With smash hits like “Rake It Up” and “Down in the DM,” the Billboard chart-topping rapper and entrepreneur established himself as a powerful force within the industry. Though he’s dated various artists and video models, Gotti too had yet to find lasting love.

When tragedy struck in Angela’s life last year with the shocking murder of her ex-fiancé and son’s father, Sutton Tennyson, Gotti reached out. As a close family friend, he offered support during this difficult time and their friendship slowly evolved from business associates to lovers. “You’ve been my rock,” she wrote emotionally in an Instagram birthday post to Gotti last May.

So when Simmons joyously posted on New Year’s that she and Gotti were officially together, fans rejoiced at this poetic alignment of hip hop royalty. The dynamic mogul who calls himself “The King of Memphis” seems to have finally found his queen.

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The couple have since posted intimate photos relishing lazy mornings and wearing coordinated outfits as they let their newfound romance shine. Despite facing cruel comments from internet trolls, Gotti proudly defends Angela and tells the world “This is my Life & Im Going To Live It How I Please.”

As we enter 2023, all eyes will be on the princess and self-proclaimed king of hip hop to see if this surprise pairing stands the test of time. But for now, Angela’s adoring gaze as Gotti spoils her hints that she may have finally found a partner worthy of the Simmons name. In an Instagram story, she tellingly tagged him as “My Heart” – very suggesting that Memphis rap royalty just may have finally stolen the princess’ heart for good.

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