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Bollywood, known for its colorful and entertaining musical numbers, often incorporates creative and sometimes nonsensical phrases into its songs. One such phrase that caught the attention of audiences around the world is “dreamum wakeupum.” This quirky and catchy phrase is from the song “Dreamum Wakeupum” featured in the 2012 Bollywood movie “Aiyyaa.” In this article, we’ll explore the playful world of Bollywood lyrics and delve into the meaning and context of “dreamum wakeupum.”

The Song and Its Context

“Dreamum Wakeupum” is a fun and flirtatious song that celebrates the joy of dance and attraction. The song is picturized on the film’s lead actress, Rani Mukerji, who is known for her versatile acting skills. In this song, Rani Mukerji portrays a young woman who is captivated by the attractive and seductive dance moves of a man. The lyrics of the song playfully describe her feelings and how the dance style of the man awakens her desires and dreams.

The Phrase “Dreamum Wakeupum”

The phrase “dreamum wakeupum” itself is a playful and made-up term, not found in any standard Indian language. It appears to be a combination of “dream” and “wake up” with a whimsical twist. In the context of the song, it is used to convey the idea that the dance moves are so captivating and seductive that they have the power to wake up the dreamy and romantic side of the protagonist.

The Song’s Lighthearted Tone

“Dreamum Wakeupum” is a perfect example of the lighthearted and often humorous nature of Bollywood songs. Bollywood music is known for its ability to convey a wide range of emotions, from heartbreak to joy, and from romance to comedy. This song falls into the latter category, using playful and exaggerated language to describe the feelings of infatuation and attraction.

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The Influence of Bollywood Lyrics

Bollywood has a significant influence on Indian pop culture and has also garnered a global following. Its songs are known for their catchy tunes, intricate choreography, and memorable lyrics. Phrases like “dreamum wakeupum” may not have a literal translation or meaning, but they add to the overall charm and uniqueness of Bollywood songs.


“Dreamum Wakeupum” is a prime example of how Bollywood infuses creativity and humor into its songs. While the phrase itself may not have a specific meaning in Hindi or any other language, it serves as a delightful expression of the protagonist’s attraction and infatuation. Bollywood lyrics, with their imaginative and sometimes whimsical language, continue to captivate audiences and contribute to the industry’s enduring popularity.

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