Who is Tiger Woods Dating?

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Tiger Woods, the golfing legend whose professional career has been both illustrious and tumultuous, has had his personal life under the media’s lens almost as much as his athletic achievements. Notably, his relationship with Erica Herman, which began in 2017, was a significant chapter in Woods’ life post his high-profile divorce from Elin Nordegren in 2010. However, reports indicate that Woods and Herman’s relationship ended in October 2022, leading to speculation about Woods’ current relationship status and the impact of his personal life on his professional endeavors.

The Beginning of Woods and Herman’s Relationship

Tiger Woods met Erica Herman when she was working as a restaurant manager. Herman was often seen supporting Woods at various tournaments, clearly indicating her role as a significant figure in Woods’ life beyond her professional ties to one of his business ventures. Their relationship seemed to mark a period of stability for Woods, who had previously been embroiled in personal and professional challenges, including injuries and a very public scandal related to his divorce.

The Public Nature of Their Relationship

Unlike Woods’ previous relationships, which were thrust into the spotlight amidst scandal and speculation, his relationship with Herman appeared to be more low-key and stable. Herman was frequently seen by Woods’ side, not just at golf tournaments but also at various events, including Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony in 2019, where Woods was honored. This visibility suggested a partnership that was both personal and supportive, with Herman playing a crucial role in Woods’ life as he made his comeback to the top echelons of golf.

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The Breakdown of Their Relationship

In October 2022, it was reported that Woods and Herman had parted ways. The end of their relationship was not as public as the beginnings, with details and reasons for the split remaining largely out of the public domain. This discretion marks a departure from Woods’ earlier life chapters, where personal developments often received extensive media coverage. The breakup led to speculation about its impact on Woods, particularly in the context of his recovery from a severe car accident in February 2021, which had already put a significant strain on his career and physical well-being.

Woods’ Current Relationship Status

Following the breakup with Erica Herman, there has been widespread speculation about Tiger Woods’ current relationship status. As of now, Woods appears to be single, with no public confirmation of a new relationship. This period of Woods’ life seems to be focused on recovery, both personal and professional, as he continues to make appearances on the golf circuit, albeit with varying degrees of success due to ongoing physical challenges.

The Impact of Personal Life on Woods’ Professional Career

Tiger Woods’ personal life has undeniably influenced his professional career. From the scandal that led to his divorce from Elin Nordegren to his relationship with Erica Herman, Woods’ off-the-course developments have often coincided with fluctuations in his professional performance. However, Woods has demonstrated remarkable resilience, making comebacks that have kept fans and critics alike engaged with his story.


The end of Tiger Woods’ relationship with Erica Herman marks another chapter in the golfer’s complex personal life, which has always been intertwined with his professional journey. As Woods navigates his single status, his focus appears to be on healing, both physically and perhaps emotionally, as he continues to pursue excellence in the sport that made him a global icon. Whether single or in a relationship, Tiger Woods remains a figure of immense interest, his legacy extending far beyond his personal life into the realms of sportsmanship, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

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