Unveiling the Mystery: Who is the Wife of Raju Shrivastav?

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Raju Shrivastav is a prominent Indian comedian who has brought laughter and joy to countless individuals across the country. While many are familiar with his comedic talents, few are aware of the personal life of this beloved entertainer. In this section, we will delve into Raju Shrivastav’s personal life and uncover the identity of his wife. Join us as we explore the intriguing details of his family and background.

Many fans often wonder, “Who is the wife of Raju Shrivastav?” We will answer this question and provide more information about his wife, as well as his family in general. Understanding the importance of personal relationships in an individual’s life is vital, and we will explore the supportive role that Raju Shrivastav’s family plays in his life.

So, let’s dive into his personal life and discover the woman behind the man!

Raju Shrivastav’s Early Life and Career

Raju Shrivastav, born as Satya Prakash Srivastava in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, had a humble beginning. His family struggled with financial constraints, but that did not stop Raju from pursuing his dreams. He developed a keen interest in comedy at a young age, inspired by legendary comedians like Johnny Lever and Jagdeep.

After completing his education, Raju moved to Mumbai to pursue his career in comedy. He initially struggled to make ends meet and worked odd jobs to make a living. However, his perseverance paid off when he was offered a role in the television show “Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne,” which became a turning point in his career.

Raju Shrivastav’s talent as a comedian was quickly noticed, and he went on to participate in various comedy shows and events. He gained popularity for his mimicry skills and witty remarks. Over the years, he has become a household name in India and is widely recognized as one of the best comedians in the country.

Love Story: Raju Shrivastav’s Marriage

After establishing himself in the world of comedy, Raju Shrivastav found love and companionship in his wife, Shikha Shrivastav. The couple tied the knot on February 25, 2008, in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Shikha Shrivastav, born on March 31, 1983, is a homemaker and a supportive figure in Raju’s life. While not much is known about her background, it is evident that she plays an integral role in her husband’s life and success. With her constant love and support, Shikha has been a pillar of strength for Raju.

The couple’s love story is charming and heartwarming. According to Raju, he and Shikha met in a temple in Mumbai, where they both went to seek blessings before starting their careers. It was a chance meeting that led to love, and the couple has been inseparable ever since.

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After tying the knot, the couple moved to Mumbai, where Raju continued to pursue his career in comedy. Shikha has been a constant source of support for her husband, helping him manage his personal and professional life. Despite being in the limelight, the couple has kept their relationship private and away from the media glare.

While their marriage may have been a low-key affair, the love and bond that Raju and Shikha share are undeniable. Their relationship serves as an inspiration to many, proving that love and support are key ingredients to a successful and fulfilling life.

The Supportive Partner: Raju Shrivastav’s Wife

Raju Shrivastav’s success is attributed not only to his talent but also to the unwavering support he receives from his spouse. Although not much is known about her, she has been a constant presence in his life and career.

As a comedian who spends most of his time making people laugh, Raju Shrivastav’s wife plays a crucial role in his personal life. She provides him with the emotional support he needs to thrive in his career. Her pat on the back when he is down and her words of encouragement when he feels low, keep him motivated to create laughter.

As a partner, she is an equal participant in Raju’s successes and failures. She celebrates his triumphs and supports him through the tough times. Her presence at his side makes him feel secure, allowing him to explore new avenues humorously.

“Behind every successful man, there is a woman who believes in him” and Raju Shrivastav’s wife is the embodiment of this sentiment.

Although she prefers to stay away from the limelight, Raju Shrivastav often acknowledges her contribution to his success and jokes about her being his “better half.”

The couple shares a strong bond that is evident in their mutual respect and admiration for each other. Raju Shrivastav’s wife is not just his spouse; she is his confidante, his support system, and his inspiration.

Raju Shrivastav’s Family Life

Beyond his successful career in comedy, Raju Shrivastav’s family is an integral part of his life. He is a proud father and husband, and his family brings him immense joy and support.

Raju Shrivastav and his wife have been married for many years, and their bond continues to strengthen with time. The couple has been through thick and thin together, and they have always stood by each other’s side. Their love story is a testament to the power of companionship and the importance of finding the right partner in life.

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Although Raju Shrivastav is a public figure, he keeps his personal life private. Therefore, not much is known about his children or other family members. However, it’s evident that he cherishes his family and always prioritizes them amidst his busy schedule.

Family is the backbone of Raju Shrivastav’s life, and he values their support immensely. He believes that his success wouldn’t be possible without their encouragement and love, and he always seeks their guidance in his personal and professional decisions.

Overall, Raju Shrivastav’s family plays a vital role in his life, and he remains dedicated to their happiness and well-being.

A Glimpse into Raju Shrivastav’s Personal Life

Behind the humorous facade lies a man with a diverse range of interests and hobbies. When not on stage, Raju Shrivastav enjoys spending time with his family. He is an avid reader who indulges in literary works during his downtime.

Raju has also been vocal about his love for cricket and often makes it a point to catch a game whenever he can. He even participated in a Celebrity Cricket League in 2013 as part of the Mumbai Heroes team.

Aside from this, he is a philanthropist who has been involved in numerous charitable activities. In 2011, Raju launched the Raju Foundation to aid underprivileged children in India, providing education and healthcare facilities for them.

Raju Shrivastav’s Wife: A Supportive Figure

While Raju Shrivastav’s comedy has brought joy to countless people, his wife has played a crucial role in his success. Though she is not often in the public eye, her unwavering support has been a constant in his life.

In photos of the couple together, Raju’s wife looks lovingly at him, revealing the depth of their bond. Her presence is a reminder of the importance of having a supportive partner, especially in the unpredictable world of comedy.

“Behind every successful man is a woman” – the age-old adage holds true for Raju Shrivastav.

While we may not know her name, we can appreciate the significance of Raju Shrivastav’s wife in his life and career. Her unconditional love and encouragement have undoubtedly contributed to his success, making her an indispensable figure in his personal and professional life.

Raju Shrivastav’s wife remains a mystery to many, but her presence is felt in moments like these. Their bond is a reminder of the importance of a supportive partner.

Raju Shrivastav’s Achievements and Legacy

Raju Shrivastav is a household name in the Indian entertainment industry. He began his career as a comedian in the 1990s and has since gone on to achieve great heights. Known for his impeccable comic timing and quick wit, he has entertained audiences across the globe with his unique brand of humor.

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Over the years, Raju Shrivastav has won several awards and accolades for his work. He has been a recipient of the prestigious National Award for Best Comedian, and has also been honored with the Filmfare Award for his contributions to the industry.

Raju Shrivastav’s legacy extends beyond his work in comedy. He has also been actively involved in social causes and has worked towards making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. He has supported various charities and has been active in spreading awareness about important issues such as education and healthcare.

Notable Achievements Awards Received
Performed at the United Nations in New York National Award for Best Comedian
Performed for the Indian Army and Navy Filmfare Award for Best Comedian
Appeared on popular TV shows such as The Kapil Sharma Show Indian Television Academy Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role

Raju Shrivastav’s contributions to the entertainment industry and society as a whole have left a lasting impact. He continues to inspire aspiring comedians and entertain audiences with his performances. His journey is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and talent.


Through this article, we have explored the personal and professional life of Raju Shrivastav, one of India’s best-known comedians. We have uncovered the mystery of who his wife is and gained insights into their love story and the supportive partnership they share.

We have also learned about Raju Shrivastav’s early life and career, his family, and his personal interests. Through it all, we have seen the importance of love, support, and companionship in achieving one’s dreams.

As we celebrate Raju Shrivastav’s achievements and legacy, we’re reminded of the power of laughter and the role it plays in bringing people together. We thank Raju Shrivastav and his family for their contributions to the entertainment industry, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented comedian.


Who is Raju Shrivastav’s wife?

Raju Shrivastav’s wife is Shikha Shrivasav.

Does Raju Shrivastav have any children?

Yes, Raju Shrivastav has two children.

What is Raju Shrivastav’s wife’s role in his career?

Raju Shrivastav’s wife is a supportive figure in his life and plays an integral role in his career.

Can we see a photo of Raju Shrivastav and his wife together?

Unfortunately, we do not have a photo available at the moment.

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