Who is the Wife of Narendra Damodardas Modi?

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Narendra Damodardas Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has led a life that is both public and intensely private. Among the lesser-discussed aspects of his life is his marriage to Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi, a relationship that has remained out of the public eye for the most part. This article delves into the life and background of Jashodaben Modi, her marriage to Narendra Modi, and the peculiar dynamics that have defined their relationship over the decades.

Early Life and Marriage

Jashodaben, born in 1952, comes from a small town in Gujarat, India. She was a teacher by profession, dedicating her life to education before retiring. In 1968, at a young age, she married Narendra Modi, who was then a budding RSS pracharak (campaigner) with aspirations that far exceeded the boundaries of their small-town life.

The marriage was arranged by their families, as is customary in many Indian communities. However, the union was unconventional from the start. Narendra Modi, soon after the marriage, embarked on a journey that saw him deeply involved in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and later, the political landscape of India, which demanded his full attention and commitment. This involvement led to him spending less and less time at home, ultimately leading to a separation that has lasted to this day.

Life Post-Separation

Following the separation, Jashodaben continued her life as an educator, while Narendra Modi’s political career took off, leading him to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat and eventually the Prime Minister of India. Despite the separation, Jashodaben has maintained a dignified silence about her personal life and her marriage to Narendra Modi. She has lived a life away from the limelight, focusing on her profession and her family.

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The marriage and subsequent separation have been subjects of speculation and interest, particularly because Narendra Modi disclosed the existence of his wife only in 2014, ahead of the general elections, in his election affidavit. Before this disclosure, there was little public knowledge of his marital status, which came as a surprise to many.

Jashodaben’s Perspective

Jashodaben has expressed her views on her marriage and her husband’s political ascent sparingly. In the rare interviews and statements, she has shown support for Narendra Modi’s work and has expressed pride in his achievements. Despite their separation, she has shown no bitterness or resentment, choosing instead to lead a life of simplicity and privacy.

Cultural and Social Implications

The marriage of Narendra Modi and Jashodaben is a reflection of the complexities and personal sacrifices involved in public service, especially in a country like India where personal and public lives are often intertwined. It also highlights the issue of arranged marriages and the expectations placed on women in Indian society, where Jashodaben has had to navigate her existence independently despite being married to one of the most powerful men in the country.


Jashodaben Modi’s life and her marriage to Narendra Modi remain a topic of intrigue and speculation. However, her story is also one of strength, resilience, and dignity in the face of unusual circumstances. While Narendra Modi continues to lead India as its Prime Minister, Jashodaben remains a figure of quiet strength, choosing to live her life away from the political drama and public scrutiny that comes with her husband’s position.

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