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If you’re curious about Rebel Wilson’s current dating status, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll delve into the rumors surrounding her love life and provide updates on her romantic status. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the actress or simply curious about her dating history, we’ve got you covered.

With recent media attention focusing on Rebel Wilson’s love life, there have been many rumors circulating about who she may be dating. As a professional journalist, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. So, let’s explore the latest developments in Rebel Wilson’s dating life, from her relationship status to her dating history and preferences.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the romantic life of one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Keep reading to learn more about who Rebel Wilson is dating, the truth behind the dating rumors, and how her love life may impact her successful career.

Rebel Wilson’s Relationship Status

As of the latest report, Rebel Wilson is currently single and not dating anyone. The actress has not made any public announcement about being in a relationship, nor has she been spotted with anyone romantically.

However, it is worth noting that Rebel has been private about her personal life in the past, so it is also possible that she may be keeping her current relationship status under wraps.

Regardless, Rebel Wilson’s relationship status seems to be a topic of interest among her fans and the media, with many speculating about her love life and the possibility of her being in a secret relationship.

Rebel Wilson’s Dating History

Rebel Wilson, the Australian actress and comedian, has had her fair share of romantic relationships throughout her career. Despite her hilarious and confident demeanor, Rebel has kept most of her love life under wraps.

In 2012, Rebel was linked to Matt Lucas, her co-star in the British comedy series, “Little Britain”. They were spotted together at various events and even attended a performance of “The Book of Mormon” together. However, the relationship ended shortly after it began.

Later in 2012, Rebel dated fellow comedian, Mickey Gooch Jr. They met while filming “How to Be Single” and were seen on numerous occasions together. However, the relationship was short-lived and it ended in late 2015.

After her breakup with Gooch Jr., Rebel was linked to several other individuals, including Jacob Busch, the heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune. The pair reportedly began dating in September 2020, and they made their relationship public at the Monte-Carlo Gala For Planetary Health in Monaco. However, their relationship also did not last.

Rebel has not confirmed any current romantic relationships, but she has shared her desire to find love someday. In an interview with Marie Claire, she stated, “I’ve never ever been lonely. I have amazing friends, but I have a hope that someday I’ll find someone who can handle all of this.”

Despite her openness about wanting to find love, Rebel remains focused on her career and making people laugh.

Rebel Wilson’s Romantic Life

Rebel Wilson is known not only for her talent and humor but also for her honesty. She has been refreshingly candid about her weight loss journey, and she’s known for being equally forthcoming about her romantic life. While she keeps her love life largely private, she has spoken out about her views on love and relationships.

Wilson has stated that she is a romantic at heart and that she enjoys traditional courtship. She has also spoken about the importance of self-love and self-confidence in finding a partner. In an interview with ET Online, she said, “I think you have to love yourself first and foremost, and then everything falls into place.”

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In terms of dating preferences, Wilson has shared that she values kindness, intelligence, and a good sense of humor in a partner. She has also expressed interest in finding someone who shares her love of fitness and healthy living.

While Wilson is not currently publicly dating anyone, she has been spotted out with a few rumored love interests in the past. However, she has not confirmed any of these relationships, choosing to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

Overall, Rebel Wilson’s romantic life includes her personal beliefs on love, her dating preferences, and the occasional rumored relationship. She has made it clear that she values self-love and finding a partner who shares her interests and values.

The Truth Behind Rebel Wilson’s Dating Rumors

As a Hollywood star, Rebel Wilson’s love life often makes headlines. Over the years, the media has been abuzz with rumors linking her to several high-profile celebrities. But how much of it is true?

While Rebel Wilson is no stranger to dating rumors, she has always kept her personal life private. Despite the speculation surrounding her romantic life, the actress has not confirmed any relationships or partnerships publicly.

“I try to keep my personal life low-key. It’s hard enough to maintain a sense of normalcy in this industry, and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire,” Rebel Wilson shared in an interview.

While some dating rumors are grounded in truth, others are purely speculative. It’s essential to consider the source of these rumors and whether they are based on concrete evidence or mere hearsay.

Rebel Wilson has not addressed any of the recent dating rumors, and it’s unclear if there is any truth to them. At this time, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt until there is any official confirmation from the actress herself.

Rebel Wilson’s Boyfriend

Rebel Wilson is known to keep her personal life private, but rumors have been swirling about her romantic status. Currently, there is no known confirmed boyfriend for the actress.

Wilson has been keeping busy with work, including her recent role in the movie adaptation of “Cats” and her upcoming role in the film “The Almond and the Seahorse.”

Despite the lack of a confirmed boyfriend, Wilson has been spotted out and about with various men, leading to speculation about her dating life. However, as of now, there is no official confirmation of any relationship.

Wilson has expressed her desire to find a partner who shares her values and goals. In an interview with People magazine, she stated, “I’m looking for a guy who is really kind and thoughtful and funny. Someone who is self-assured and ambitious.”

Although Wilson has not yet found that special someone, her millions of fans remain hopeful that she will soon find love.

Rebel Wilson’s Partner

When it comes to Rebel Wilson’s partner, the Australian actress has been quite private about her romantic life. However, in a recent interview, she shared some insights into the qualities she seeks in a partner.

“I want someone who’s confident in themselves and their career, and someone who’s loyal and kind,”

Rebel also mentioned the importance of having someone who understands her career and is supportive of her goals.

While Rebel has not made any public appearances with a partner in recent times, rumors have circulated concerning a possible romance with Jacob Busch, a member of the Anheuser-Busch brewing dynasty. The two were spotted together in September 2020 and have made several subsequent appearances together since.

Rebel has not confirmed nor denied the rumors, but the pair seem to be enjoying each other’s company and have been seen on various romantic outings.

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Whatever the case may be, it seems that Rebel is taking her time in finding the right partner and is focused on building a strong and supportive relationship.

Recent Developments in Rebel Wilson’s Love Life

As a Hollywood star, Rebel Wilson is no stranger to the spotlight, and her love life has been the subject of much speculation and scrutiny over the years.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about Rebel’s potential new romance. Despite keeping her personal life private, rumors have been circulating that the actress is dating a mystery man. The media has been abuzz with speculation, but so far, Rebel has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

However, in a recent interview, Rebel did open up about her quest for love, admitting that she is on the lookout for someone special. She spoke about how she is focusing on herself at the moment but is open to finding love and a long-term commitment.

“I’m looking for someone who is kind, genuine, and who I can have fun with,” Rebel said in the interview. “I’m not too focused on looks or anything like that. I just want someone who is a good person.”

Despite the rumors, it remains unclear who Rebel’s mystery man is. The actress has been very private about her romantic life, and it is possible that she wants to keep it that way. However, fans are excited to see what happens next in her love life.

It is undeniable that Rebel’s love life has had an impact on her career. She has previously spoken about how her personal experiences have influenced her work, and this is evident in some of the roles she has taken on. As she continues to make headlines in Hollywood, it will be interesting to see how her love life progresses.

Insights into Rebel Wilson’s Dating Preferences

While Rebel Wilson keeps her personal life private, rumors have circulated about her dating preferences and ideal partner. Some speculate that she prefers men with a sense of humor and confidence, while others believe that she values honesty and loyalty above all else.

Despite these rumors, Rebel Wilson has not publicly addressed her dating preferences. However, given her successful career and confident personality, it is likely that she looks for a partner who shares similar values and ambition.

When it comes to long-term commitment, Rebel Wilson has also kept her thoughts private. However, given her busy schedule and focus on her career, it is possible that she values independence and freedom in a relationship. This could explain why she has been linked to several high-profile relationships, but has yet to settle down with a long-term partner.

Ultimately, Rebel Wilson’s dating preferences remain a mystery, but her success and confidence suggest that she has a clear idea of what she wants in a partner. As she continues to make headlines in Hollywood, fans can only speculate about who may be the lucky person to win her heart.

The Impact of Rebel Wilson’s Love Life on Her Career

Rebel Wilson’s love life has been a topic of much discussion in the media, but how has it impacted her career?

Some may argue that her romantic endeavors have had little to no effect on her success in Hollywood, while others believe that her personal life has influenced her roles and projects.

One example is her starring role in the movie “Isn’t It Romantic,” where she plays a woman who becomes disillusioned with love but ultimately finds it in unexpected ways. This film was released shortly after her breakup with comedian Mickey Gooch Jr., leading to speculation that the storyline may have been inspired by her own experiences.

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However, it’s important to note that Rebel Wilson has always been a talented actress and comedian in her own right, and her success can be attributed to her hard work and dedication to her craft.

In conclusion, while Rebel Wilson’s love life may have been a source of inspiration for some of her projects, it is not the sole reason for her success in Hollywood. Her talent and determination have played a significant role in her rise to fame, and we look forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the future.


In conclusion, we hope this article has shed some light on the dating life of Rebel Wilson. From her current relationship status to her past romances, we have covered it all. While rumors continue to swirl around her love life, we have separated fact from fiction and provided insights into the truth behind the speculation.

It is clear that Rebel Wilson is a talented actress who has had her fair share of experiences in the dating world. Her preference for a partner who shares her sense of humor and positive outlook on life is evident, and we look forward to seeing who she may end up with in the future.

As she continues to make headlines in Hollywood, we will keep you updated on any new developments in her love life. Whether she is single or in a relationship, we wish Rebel Wilson all the best in her personal and professional endeavors. Thank you for reading!


Who is Rebel Wilson currently dating?

Rebel Wilson’s current dating status is not publicly known at this time. She has not made any official announcements about her romantic life.

What is the dating history of Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson has kept her dating history relatively private. There have been a few rumored relationships over the years, but she has not confirmed any of them.

Are there any rumors about Rebel Wilson’s love life?

Yes, there have been various rumors about Rebel Wilson’s love life circulating in the media. However, it is essential to approach these rumors with caution as they may not always be accurate.

Does Rebel Wilson have a boyfriend?

As of now, it is not confirmed if Rebel Wilson has a boyfriend. She has not made any public statements about being in a relationship.

What qualities does Rebel Wilson seek in a partner?

Rebel Wilson has not explicitly shared the qualities she seeks in a partner. She has mentioned in interviews that a good sense of humor is essential to her.

How does Rebel Wilson’s love life affect her career?

Rebel Wilson’s love life does not directly impact her career. As an actress, she focuses on her professional projects and separates her personal life from her work.

Can you provide any updates on Rebel Wilson’s romantic life?

Updates on Rebel Wilson’s romantic life can be found through reliable news sources or her social media accounts. It is recommended to stay updated through credible sources for accurate information.

What are Rebel Wilson’s views on long-term commitment?

Rebel Wilson has not publicly shared her specific views on long-term commitment. Like many individuals, her views on this topic may be personal and subject to change over time.

How does Rebel Wilson handle dating rumors?

Rebel Wilson has not explicitly addressed how she handles dating rumors. However, it is common for celebrities to maintain privacy and not comment on speculative reports.

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