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Pauly D of MTV’s Jersey Shore fame has had his fair share of romantic relationships over the years, leaving fans to wonder who he’s currently dating. In this article, we will delve into Pauly D’s dating history, provide an update on his current relationship, and reveal who his girlfriend is.

From his high-profile relationships to his rumored flings, Pauly D’s dating life has been a topic of interest for many fans. We’ll explore his past relationships and provide insight into his current girlfriend, shedding light on who she is and how they met. We’ll also separate fact from fiction by addressing any dating rumors surrounding Pauly D.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the reality TV star or simply curious about his love life, this article will provide an informative overview of who Pauly D is dating, his dating history, and any recent updates about his love life.

So, who is Pauly D dating now? Keep reading to find out more.

Pauly D’s Dating Life: A Timeline of Relationships

Ever since Pauly D rose to fame on the hit MTV reality show “Jersey Shore,” fans have been fascinated by his dating life. Let’s take a closer look at his dating timeline, highlighting his past relationships and any recent updates on his love life.

Year Relationship
2010-2011 Angelina Pivarnick
2011-2012 Rocio Olea
2012 Deena Cortese
2012-2013 Britney Lashea
2013-2014 Aubrey O’Day
2015-2016 Amber Diamond
2017-2018 Unknown
2019-present Nikki Hall

As shown above, Pauly D has had a number of relationships over the years, including his former “Jersey Shore” co-star Deena Cortese, singer Aubrey O’Day, and model Amber Diamond. However, his current girlfriend is Nikki Hall, who he met on the reality dating show “Double Shot at Love” in 2019.

Since getting together, Pauly and Nikki have had their ups and downs, breaking up and getting back together multiple times. However, as of now, it seems they are still going strong.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pauly D’s dating life, as things can change quickly in the reality TV world.

Pauly D’s Current Relationship Status

Pauly D’s current relationship status is a topic of interest for many fans. As of 2021, Pauly D is reportedly in a relationship with his girlfriend, Nikki Hall. The couple first met on the reality TV show, “Double Shot at Love,” and have been dating on and off since then.

Although the couple has kept much of their relationship private, they have made public appearances together, such as celebrating New Year’s Eve in Miami. Pauly D has also shared photos of Nikki on his Instagram account, indicating that their relationship is going strong.

Despite some ups and downs in their relationship, Pauly D and Nikki seem to be committed to each other. In a recent interview, Pauly D stated that he is “in love” with Nikki and that he is grateful for the positive impact she has had on his life.

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While fans eagerly await any updates on their relationship, it can be said that Pauly D and Nikki are currently together, and their love seems to be going strong.

Pauly D’s Dating Rumors: Separating Fact from Fiction

Pauly D’s love life has always been a subject of speculation and rumors. Here, we will address some of the most talked-about rumors and separate fact from fiction in regards to his dating life.

Rumor 1: Pauly D is Dating His Double Shot at Love Co-Star Nikki Hall

One of the most recent rumors surrounding Pauly D’s dating life is that he is romantically involved with his Double Shot at Love co-star, Nikki Hall. While the two have shared a close bond on the show, Pauly D has denied any romantic involvement with her. In a recent interview, he clarified that they were just friends.

Rumor 2: Pauly D and JWoww are Secretly Dating

Another rumor that has been making the rounds is that Pauly D and JWoww, his Jersey Shore co-star, are secretly dating. However, both Pauly D and JWoww have shut down these rumors, stating that they are just close friends.

Rumor 3: Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day are Back Together

Pauly D’s relationship with Aubrey O’Day, his ex-girlfriend and fellow reality TV star, has been a topic of interest for many fans. While they dated on and off for several years, the couple officially broke up in 2017. Recently, rumors have been circulating that they have rekindled their romance. However, neither Pauly D nor Aubrey O’Day have confirmed or denied these rumors.

While some of these rumors may have some truth to them, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt. Pauly D has always been private about his personal life, and it’s up to him to reveal any details about his relationships.

Pauly D’s Love Life in 2021

2021 has been an eventful year for Pauly D in terms of his love life. The reality star and DJ has been in the public eye for his romantic endeavors, and fans have been eager to know more.

Earlier in the year, rumors circulated that Pauly D was dating his “Double Shot at Love” co-star, Nikki Hall. However, the pair has not confirmed any romantic involvement since the rumors surfaced.

In June 2021, Pauly D made headlines when he revealed that he had a girlfriend during the “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” reunion. He did not disclose the identity of his girlfriend, but fans have been speculating ever since.

Since then, Pauly D has shared several photos on Instagram with his girlfriend, but her identity remains a mystery. Fans have been scouring social media to find any clues about the woman in Pauly D’s life.

Pauly D’s Love Life in the Public Eye

Pauly D has always been open about his love life, and his relationships have been documented on reality TV shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “Double Shot at Love.” His fans have supported him throughout his romantic endeavors and continue to be invested in his love life in 2021.

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Despite his fame, Pauly D is notoriously private about his personal life. He has not confirmed any details about his relationship status or the identity of his girlfriend. Fans will have to wait for more updates from the reality star himself.

In conclusion, 2021 has been an exciting year for Pauly D’s love life. While there is still much speculation about his current relationship, fans continue to support him and await further updates.

Insight into Pauly D’s Current Relationship

Pauly D’s current girlfriend is a mystery to many fans, as he tends to keep his personal life private. However, sources have revealed that he is currently in a relationship, although details remain scarce.

Pauly D has been known to date fellow reality TV stars in the past, but it is unclear if his current girlfriend is also in the entertainment industry. Despite the lack of information, fans are eagerly awaiting any updates on his relationship status.

While Pauly D has not publicly discussed his relationship, he has shared some insights into what he values in a partner. In a 2019 interview, he stated that he is attracted to women who are confident and independent, with a good sense of humor.

Regardless of who Pauly D is currently dating, it is clear that he values his relationships and takes them seriously. Whether he decides to go public with his current girlfriend or keep it private, fans will continue to support him in his love life.

Pauly D’s Dating History: Notable Relationships

Pauly D has had his fair share of dating experiences in the past. One of his most notable relationships was with Aubrey O’Day, whom he met on the reality show Famously Single. The couple dated from 2016 to 2017 and even had their own reality show, Aubrey & Pauly D.

Before Aubrey, Pauly D was in a long-term relationship with Amanda Markert, with whom he has a daughter named Amabella Sophia. The couple dated in 2013, and their relationship was marked by controversy due to their rocky breakup and custody battles.

Pauly D has also been linked to a number of other women in the past, including former Jersey Shore co-star Deena Cortese, singer Taylor Swift, and actress Jenni Farley. However, none of these relationships were ever confirmed.

Overall, Pauly D’s dating history is quite extensive, with a mix of long-term relationships, short-lived flings, and rumored romances. Despite the ups and downs, Pauly D has remained a popular figure in the public eye and continues to make headlines with his dating life.

Pauly D’s Love Life: The Latest Updates

Pauly D’s love life has been a topic of interest for many fans, and there have been several recent updates to his dating status.

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Firstly, it has been reported that Pauly D is currently in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for several months. While details about his girlfriend remain private, sources suggest that the two are happy and deeply in love.

Additionally, Pauly D has been spotted attending public events with his girlfriend, including a recent red carpet appearance at an MTV awards show. Fans were thrilled to see the couple together, and many took to social media to express their support and excitement.

Finally, there have been rumors circulating about Pauly D potentially proposing to his girlfriend in the near future. While these rumors have not been confirmed, many fans are eagerly anticipating any updates on this potential development.

Overall, Pauly D’s love life seems to be flourishing in 2021, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for the reality TV star and his girlfriend.


Pauly D’s love life has certainly been a topic of interest for many fans, and it’s clear that the DJ has had his fair share of relationships over the years.

From his early days on Jersey Shore to his current status as a successful musician and reality star, Pauly D has always been open about his dating life, and fans have watched as he’s navigated several high-profile relationships.

While there may still be some unanswered questions about Pauly D’s love life, this article has provided a comprehensive overview of his dating history, current relationship status, and any recent updates.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about Pauly D’s personal life, it’s clear that the DJ’s love life is always worth keeping an eye on for any new developments.


Who is Pauly D dating?

Pauly D’s current girlfriend is not publicly known.

What is Pauly D’s dating history?

Pauly D has been in relationships with several women in the past, including Aubrey O’Day and Nikki Hall.

What is Pauly D’s current relationship status?

Pauly D’s current relationship status is not publicly confirmed.

Are there any dating rumors surrounding Pauly D?

There have been various dating rumors surrounding Pauly D, but it’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to his relationships.

What is Pauly D’s love life like in 2021?

As of 2021, specific details about Pauly D’s love life are not widely available.

Can you provide any insight into Pauly D’s current relationship?

Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding Pauly D’s current relationship.

Who are some notable women in Pauly D’s dating history?

Aubrey O’Day and Nikki Hall are two notable women who have been romantically linked to Pauly D in the past.

What are the latest updates on Pauly D’s love life?

The latest updates on Pauly D’s love life may include news, relationship milestones, or public appearances with his partner.

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