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Millie Bobby Brown has become a household name in recent years for her role in Stranger Things. She has gained an enormous following due to her acting prowess, fashion sense, and remarkable on and off-screen personality. Fans and followers often have their curiosity piqued when it comes to her dating life. So, who is Millie Bobby Brown dating? Let’s find out.

In this section, we will explore Millie Bobby Brown’s dating history, and also reveal details about her current boyfriend. From rumored relationships to confirmed ones, we will delve into the actress’s romantic journey and provide you with the latest updates.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Early Career and Rise to Fame

Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress born in Spain in 2004. She started her acting career at a young age and quickly gained recognition for her talent. Brown’s breakthrough role came in 2016 when she landed the part of Eleven, a mysterious girl with telekinetic powers, in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Her performance in the show earned her widespread critical acclaim and catapulted her to fame. Brown’s portrayal of Eleven was so powerful that she became one of the most popular and beloved characters in the show, and her iconic buzz cut hairstyle became a popular Halloween costume choice.

In addition to her success in Stranger Things, Brown has also appeared in other films and television shows. She starred in the 2019 monster film Godzilla: King of the Monsters and had a leading role in the Enola Holmes film adaptation released in 2020.

Despite her young age, Brown has already achieved remarkable success and gained a massive following of fans around the world. As she continues to work on new projects, her star power only continues to grow.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Dating History

Millie Bobby Brown’s dating history is a subject of interest for many of her fans and followers. Being a young celebrity, speculation about her romantic life has been a common occurrence.

Before her current relationship, Millie Bobby Brown was linked to several rumored boyfriends. In 2017, rumors circulated that she was dating Jacob Sartorius, a fellow young celebrity who is a singer and social media personality. However, the rumors were never confirmed, and the two eventually parted ways.

Later in 2018, she was linked to Romeo Beckham, the son of David and Victoria Beckham. The rumors started when the two were spotted together at various events, but they were never officially confirmed as a couple.

More recently, in 2019, rumors suggested that Millie Bobby Brown was dating Joseph Robinson, the son of former England footballer, Jason Robinson. The rumors started after Joseph posted a picture with Millie on his Snapchat, followed by a cozy picture of the two on Instagram. However, the relationship was never confirmed, and it is unclear if they dated.

Despite the rumors, Millie Bobby Brown has typically kept quiet about her dating life. It seems she prefers to keep her romantic relationships private and out of the public eye.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Current Boyfriend

Millie Bobby Brown is currently dating Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jake Bongiovi. The couple was first spotted together in March 2021, enjoying a romantic stroll in New York City. Since then, they have been seen together at various events and occasions.

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Jake Bongiovi is a student at the University of Notre Dame and is also pursuing a career in the music industry. He recently launched his own brand of wine with his father, Jon Bon Jovi, called Hampton Water.

While Millie and Jake have not shared many details about their relationship publicly, they often share sweet posts on social media, indicating their affection for each other.

Before Jake, Millie was rumored to be dating Joseph Robinson, the son of former England football captain, Jason Robinson. The pair reportedly met in the Maldives, but their relationship status was never confirmed.

It seems that Millie Bobby Brown is happy and in love with Jake Bongiovi, and her fans and followers are excited to see where their relationship goes.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Love Life in the Public Eye

As a young celebrity, Millie Bobby Brown’s love life is often subject to intense scrutiny and rumors. From alleged relationships with co-stars to speculation about her current boyfriend, the media and fans have been eager to learn more about her romantic journey.

While many celebrities may struggle with the constant attention on their personal lives, Millie Bobby Brown has shown a remarkable resilience in dealing with the public eye. In interviews and social media posts, she has expressed her commitment to being true to herself and not letting external opinions affect her relationships.

“I’m very happy with my life and I’m not going to let any kind of negativity bring me down,” Millie Bobby Brown said in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Despite her confident attitude, Millie Bobby Brown has also expressed frustration with the constant rumors and speculation about her love life. In a 2020 interview with Glamour UK, she spoke about the impact these rumors can have:

“I think it’s just funny because rumors are rumors, so I don’t know how they started,” she said. “I don’t know how they emerge, but they do. It’s part of my life now. I guess you just have to accept it and move on.”

Despite the challenges of being in the public eye, Millie Bobby Brown has stayed true to her values and identity. Fans and admirers of her work can appreciate her dedication to her craft and her ability to handle the attention with poise and grace.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Approach to Privacy in Relationships

As a young celebrity, Millie Bobby Brown has had to deal with a lot of scrutiny in her personal life. However, she has frequently expressed her desire to maintain privacy in her romantic relationships. This can be challenging when you’re in the public eye, but Millie has found ways to balance her public image and personal privacy.

One way Millie preserves her privacy is by keeping her relationship status under wraps until she’s ready to share. She rarely talks about her love life in interviews or on social media. Instead, she prefers to keep it private and focus on her career.

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Millie also makes an effort to keep her personal life off social media. She doesn’t post about her relationships, and when she does post personal photos, they’re usually of her with friends or family. This helps her maintain control over her image and reduce unwanted attention.

While Millie understands that fans are interested in her personal life, she feels that it’s important to keep some things private. She believes that everyone deserves the right to choose what aspects of their life they share with the world.

Overall, Millie Bobby Brown’s approach to privacy in relationships is centered around keeping things low-key. By keeping her relationships out of the public eye, she’s able to maintain control over her image and reduce unwanted attention.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Advice on Dating and Relationships

As a young actress, Millie Bobby Brown has had to navigate the world of dating and relationships while in the public eye. Despite the scrutiny, she has shared some advice and insights into love and relationships.

“I really appreciate someone who can make me laugh and just have fun. I think that’s the key to any relationship. You have to be able to have fun together,” Brown said in an interview.

She also emphasized the importance of communication and honesty in relationships. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she advised, “Always be honest with your feelings and always be willing to communicate and work through things. That’s the most important thing.”

In addition, Brown has expressed her belief in taking things slow and not rushing into relationships. In a 2018 interview with Access, she said, “I think young people should take their time. They shouldn’t rush into things because it’s going to take time. That’s what love is, it’s patience.”

Overall, Millie Bobby Brown’s advice on dating and relationships emphasizes the importance of having fun, being honest and communicative, and taking things at a comfortable pace.

Support from Fans and Friends

Millie Bobby Brown’s love life often generates interest and speculation among her fans and followers. However, she has received overwhelming support from her dedicated fans, who appreciate her talent and recognize her right to privacy in her personal life. Her fans have been vocal in their admiration for her and have expressed their desire to see her happy.

Moreover, Millie’s friends and colleagues have been there for her through thick and thin. Her Stranger Things co-stars are known to be like a family, and they have been supportive of her dating life. Additionally, Millie has been seen spending time with her close friend, TikTok star Addison Rae.

“I think that the love and support I have from my fans and friends is incredible. They inspire me to be the best version of myself, and I am grateful for their kindness and understanding,”

Millie Bobby Brown has said in interviews.

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It is heartening to see that Millie has a strong support system in her personal life, which allows her to focus on her career and personal growth without being overwhelmed by the attention of the media.


Throughout this article, we have explored the dating life of Millie Bobby Brown, a young actress known for her role in the popular series Stranger Things. We touched upon her early career and rise to fame, and delved into her dating history, including any rumored dating speculations that have circulated in the media.

We revealed information about her current boyfriend, including their identity and significant events in their relationship. As a young celebrity, Millie Bobby Brown’s love life often attracts attention from the public and media, and we explored the impact of her fame on her relationships and how she handles the scrutiny of the public eye.

Despite the attention her relationships may receive, Millie Bobby Brown has expressed her desire to maintain privacy in her personal life. We discussed her approach to balancing her public image and personal privacy.

Finally, as a young actress navigating the world of love and relationships, Millie Bobby Brown may have insights and advice to share. We highlighted any advice she has shared regarding love and relationships. Overall, this article aims to provide the latest insights into Millie Bobby Brown’s romantic journey, including her dating history, current boyfriend, and how she navigates her love life in the public eye.


Who is Millie Bobby Brown dating?

Currently, Millie Bobby Brown’s dating status is not publicly confirmed. She has been private about her relationships, and there is no official information about her current partner.

What is Millie Bobby Brown’s dating history?

In the past, Millie Bobby Brown has been rumored to be in relationships with some individuals, but she has not publicly confirmed any of them. She prefers to keep her personal life private, so details about her dating history are not widely known.

Is there any news about Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend?

As of now, there is no confirmed news about Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend. Any rumors circulating about her dating life should be taken with caution as they may not be accurate or verified.

How does Millie Bobby Brown handle her love life in the public eye?

Millie Bobby Brown has shared her desire to maintain privacy in her personal life, including her relationships. She understands the scrutiny that comes with fame and strives to strike a balance between her public image and personal privacy.

Does Millie Bobby Brown provide any advice on dating and relationships?

While there may not be specific advice from Millie Bobby Brown on dating and relationships, as a young actress navigating the world of romance, she may have insights to share based on her experiences. However, it’s important to remember that personal advice may not apply to everyone’s situation.

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