Latest Updates: Who is Kristen Stewart Dating? Get the Details!

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In this section, we will provide you with the latest updates on Kristen Stewart’s dating life. Are you wondering who is Kristen Stewart dating now? Stay tuned as we explore her dating history and reveal details about her current boyfriend.

Kristen Stewart is known for being notoriously private about her personal life, but we’ve managed to uncover some juicy details. From her high-profile relationships to rumored flings, we will take you through her dating journey.

So, who is Kristen Stewart currently dating? What’s her dating history like? And who are some of her notable partners? Keep reading to find out!

Kristen Stewart’s Personal Life

Kristen Stewart has always been a private person, especially when it comes to her personal life. While she has never shied away from discussing her relationships in interviews, she rarely speaks about them in detail. In fact, during her relationship with Robert Pattinson, the couple went to great lengths to keep their romance out of the public eye.

Since then, Kristen has been more open about her relationships, including her current girlfriend Dylan Meyer. The couple began dating in 2019 and have been spotted together on numerous occasions since then. Kristen has spoken publicly about her love for Dylan, saying that she couldn’t be happier with her.

Kristen has also dated men in the past, including her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson and musician St. Vincent. While she has never confirmed the nature of her relationship with St. Vincent, the two were spotted together multiple times before ultimately going their separate ways.

Overall, Kristen’s personal life has been a subject of great interest to the public, but she has managed to keep some aspects of it private. Despite this, she remains open and honest about her relationships and her approach to love.

Kristen Stewart’s Dating History

Kristen Stewart has had several high-profile relationships throughout her career in the entertainment industry. Her romantic life has been the subject of much public scrutiny and fascination.

Stewart’s first notable relationship was with her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. The pair began dating in 2008 and were together for four years. Their highly-publicized relationship came to an end in 2012 after Stewart was photographed kissing director Rupert Sanders.

Following her split from Pattinson, Stewart began dating visual effects producer Alicia Cargile. The couple reportedly dated on and off from 2014 to 2016 and were often spotted together in public.

Stewart’s next relationship was with French singer Soko. The couple dated for a few months in 2016 before ending their relationship.

Later that same year, Stewart began dating musician St. Vincent, but the couple split after a few months of dating.

Stewart’s most recent relationship is with screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The couple was first seen together in August 2019 and have been pictured together on numerous occasions since.

Partner Relationship Status Duration
Robert Pattinson Ended 2008-2012
Alicia Cargile On and Off 2014-2016
Soko Ended 2016
St. Vincent Ended 2016
Dylan Meyer Ongoing 2019-Present


Kristen Stewart’s dating history has included several high-profile relationships, including her four-year romance with Robert Pattinson and her current relationship with screenwriter Dylan Meyer. Her personal life has been subject to public scrutiny, but she has remained steadfast in her approach to privacy.

Kristen Stewart’s Current Boyfriend

After several past relationships, Kristen Stewart is currently in a relationship with screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The couple has been dating since August 2019 and have been spotted together at various events and outings.

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Meyer, who has worked on films such as “Rock Bottom” and “XOXO,” has been supportive of Stewart as she has publicly opened up about her sexuality and spoken out about LGBTQ+ rights.

Stewart and Meyer have kept their relationship relatively private, but the actress has spoken fondly of her partner in interviews, stating that she “can’t say enough” about her.

It is clear that Stewart is happy and content in her relationship with Meyer, and fans are excited to see where their love story goes.

Kristen Stewart’s Rumored Relationships

As a high-profile celebrity, Kristen Stewart’s love life has always been a topic of interest among her fans and the media. Over the years, there have been numerous rumors about her dating life, ranging from co-stars to fellow artists.

One of the most talked-about relationships in Stewart’s dating history is her rumored romance with her “Twilight” co-star, Robert Pattinson. The two were constantly in the spotlight during their time together, with fans speculating about their relationship status and future plans.

Another rumored relationship for Stewart was with her “Personal Shopper” co-star, Dakota Johnson. Despite the rumors, the two have never confirmed or denied the alleged relationship.

Other rumored partners for Stewart include Alicia Cargile, Soko, and Stella Maxwell. However, Stewart has remained tight-lipped about her personal life and has never publicly commented on any of the rumors.

It’s important to note that rumors about celebrity relationships should always be taken with a grain of salt. Until confirmed by the individuals involved, it’s impossible to know the true nature of their relationships.

Kristen Stewart’s Partners

Kristen Stewart’s dating history includes a series of high-profile relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Throughout her career, she has worked alongside many talented actors and actresses, some of whom she has also dated. Here are some of her notable partners:

Partner Relationship Period Notes
Michael Angarano 2005-2009 Stewart’s first significant relationship in Hollywood
Robert Pattinson 2009-2013 Stewart’s most high-profile relationship, developed during the filming of the Twilight series
Rupert Sanders 2012 Controversial relationship with Stewart’s director on Snow White and the Huntsman
Alicia Cargile 2014-2016 Stewart’s first public relationship with a woman
Soko 2016 Short-lived but highly publicized relationship
Stella Maxwell 2016-present Stewart’s current girlfriend and partner since 2016

Stewart has been open about her fluid sexuality and has expressed that she doesn’t want to label herself. She has also stated that she values privacy in her relationships and has been known to keep her personal life out of the public eye. Despite this, her relationships continue to attract significant media attention.

Kristen Stewart’s Love Life in the Public Eye

As a high-profile celebrity, Kristen Stewart’s love life has been the subject of much scrutiny by the public and the media. Her relationships have been analyzed and dissected in great detail, and her personal life has often been thrust into the limelight.

Despite the constant attention, Stewart has remained relatively private about her relationships. In interviews, she has expressed her desire to keep her personal life out of the public eye, stating that she wants to keep it “as sacred as possible.” She has also spoken about the challenges of maintaining a relationship under the constant scrutiny of the media, stating that it can be “incredibly strange and uncomfortable.”

Despite the challenges, Stewart has been in several high-profile relationships over the years, including with co-star Robert Pattinson and French singer SoKo. She has also been open about her sexuality, publicly coming out as bisexual in 2017.

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Despite the ups and downs of her love life, Stewart remains focused on her career and continues to be a highly sought-after actress in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart’s Girlfriend

Kristen Stewart has been open about her sexuality and has had several high-profile relationships with women. Her most significant relationship was with visual effects producer Alicia Cargile, which lasted for several years. In an interview with Elle UK, Kristen referred to Alicia as her “girlfriend” and expressed her frustration at the public’s obsession with her sexuality and personal life.

Kristen also had a brief relationship with French singer Soko in 2016. The couple was spotted together at several events and appeared to be very affectionate. However, their relationship did not last long, and Kristen soon moved on.

Recently, Kristen has been dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The couple has been together since 2019 and has been spotted at various events and outings together. Kristen has referred to Dylan as her “partner” in several interviews, indicating that their relationship is serious and committed.

Overall, Kristen Stewart’s relationships with women have been a significant aspect of her personal life and have helped to redefine societal norms around sexuality and gender in Hollywood.

Insights into Kristen Stewart’s Relationships

Kristen Stewart’s relationships have been a topic of interest for many fans and media outlets. The actress has been very private about her personal life, but some insights into her approach to relationships can still be gained from public statements she has made.

Stewart has spoken about valuing honesty and communication in relationships. She has also expressed her belief that love is genderless and has been open about her past relationships with both men and women.

However, Stewart has also acknowledged the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the public eye. In a 2019 interview with Howard Stern Show, she said, “It’s hard for people to understand, but once you start putting so much of yourself into something that’s not you, it starts losing meaning. Like, is this what I’m living for? Is this the only thing I’m working toward? It’s a stripped-down version of what you gave to that thing, to that person, to that endeavor.”

Despite the challenges, Stewart has continued to pursue relationships and has been linked to several partners throughout her career. From her past relationships with Robert Pattinson and Stella Maxwell to her current boyfriend Dylan Meyer, Stewart’s love life has been a source of fascination for many.

As Stewart continues to navigate her relationships under the spotlight, it is clear that her approach to love is unique and authentic to her. Fans will undoubtedly continue to follow her journey and support her in her pursuit of happiness.

Speculations on Kristen Stewart’s Future Partners

As Kristen Stewart continues to navigate her love life in the public eye, many fans and media outlets are speculating about who she could date next. Based on her dating history and current interests, there are several potential contenders.

  • Dylan Meyer: Kristen’s current girlfriend, Dylan, has been with her for over a year, and the couple seems to be going strong. They share a passion for writing and have collaborated on several projects together. It wouldn’t be surprising if they continued to support each other’s creative endeavors and grow together as a couple.
  • St. Vincent: Kristen was briefly linked to musician St. Vincent in 2016. They were spotted together at several public events and seemed to have great chemistry. With St. Vincent’s continued success in the music industry, it’s possible that Kristen could reconnect with her in the future.
  • Aubrey Plaza: Aubrey Plaza and Kristen have been friends for years, and they have even joked about their rumored romance in the past. With Aubrey’s rising profile in Hollywood, it’s possible that the two could take their friendship to the next level.
  • Soko: French singer Soko and Kristen had a short-lived romance in 2016, but they remain friends to this day. Soko is known for her eclectic style and artistic pursuits, which could appeal to Kristen’s creative side.
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Of course, it’s impossible to predict who Kristen will date next, and she may choose to keep her love life private. Regardless, fans will undoubtedly continue to speculate and support her in all of her endeavors.


Through this article, we have taken a deep dive into Kristen Stewart’s dating life, uncovering her past relationships, her current boyfriend, and her approach to love. From her highly publicized relationship with Robert Pattinson to her more recent romantic endeavors, we have explored every aspect of her dating history.

We have also discussed Kristen’s open approach to her sexuality and her past and present relationships with women. Her openness has been inspiring to many, and her willingness to be vulnerable in the public eye has helped to destigmatize LGBTQ relationships.

As we conclude this article, it is clear that Kristen Stewart’s love life will continue to be a topic of interest for many. We can only speculate on who her future partners may be, but her fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on any updates.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through Kristen Stewart’s dating life. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on celebrity relationships.


Who is Kristen Stewart currently dating?

As of the latest updates, Kristen Stewart is currently dating Dylan Meyer.

What is Kristen Stewart’s dating history?

Kristen Stewart has had several high-profile relationships in the past, including with Robert Pattinson and Stella Maxwell.

Can you provide more details about Kristen Stewart’s current boyfriend?

Kristen Stewart’s current boyfriend, Dylan Meyer, is a screenwriter known for her work on the film “Rock Bottom.”

Has Kristen Stewart been involved in any rumored relationships?

Yes, Kristen Stewart has been the subject of various dating rumors throughout her career. However, it’s important to note that not all of these rumors have been confirmed.

Who are some of Kristen Stewart’s notable partners in the entertainment industry?

Kristen Stewart has had collaborations and relationships with actors such as Robert Pattinson and Alicia Cargile.

How has Kristen Stewart’s love life been scrutinized by the public?

Kristen Stewart’s relationships have often been under intense public scrutiny due to her fame. This has presented challenges in maintaining privacy and normalcy in her personal life.

Has Kristen Stewart been in relationships with women?

Yes, Kristen Stewart has been open about her sexuality and has had relationships with women, including her previous girlfriend, Stella Maxwell.

What insights can be gained about Kristen Stewart’s approach to relationships?

Kristen Stewart has expressed a desire for authenticity and honesty in relationships, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and maintaining open communication.

Any speculations on who Kristen Stewart’s future partners could be?

Speculations on Kristen Stewart’s future partners are based on her past relationships and her current interests. It is uncertain who she may choose to date in the future.

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