Who is Gigi Hadid Dating?

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Gigi Hadid, the world-renowned supermodel, has always been in the public eye, with many of her fans and followers eager to know about her personal life, especially her love life. In this article, we will take a closer look at Gigi Hadid’s dating life and relationship status. We will delve into her past relationships and ex-boyfriends, her current relationship status with her current boyfriend, and explore her love life, including dating rumors and her approach to keeping her romantic life private.

Gigi Hadid’s fans have always been very curious about who the supermodel is dating. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz regarding her romantic life, and everyone is eager to learn more about her current relationship status. In this article, we will provide you with all the latest updates about Gigi Hadid’s love life, including who she is dating and any changes in her relationship status.

Stay tuned to discover everything you need to know about Gigi Hadid’s dating life, including her past relationships, current boyfriend, and her love life as a whole.

Gigi Hadid’s Dating History: Past Relationships and Ex-Boyfriends

Gigi Hadid, the American supermodel, has had her fair share of relationships in the public eye. Her dating history has been a topic of interest among fans and the media alike. Let’s take a closer look at the men who have been a part of Gigi Hadid’s romantic journey.

Cody Simpson2013-2015
Joe Jonas2015
Zayn Malik2015-2018, 2019-2021
Tyler Cameron2019

Gigi Hadid’s first high-profile relationship was with the Australian singer, Cody Simpson. The couple dated on and off from 2013 to 2015. After their split, Gigi briefly dated Joe Jonas in 2015.

However, it was her relationship with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik, that gained the most attention. The couple first started dating in 2015 but announced their breakup in early 2018. They reconciled in late 2019 but officially called it quits in March 2021.

In between her on-and-off relationship with Malik, Gigi was linked to Tyler Cameron, a contestant from the reality dating show “The Bachelorette.” However, their relationship was short-lived.

Despite her high-profile relationships, Gigi has always been private about her love life and has rarely spoken about her partners in public. She prefers to keep her personal life away from the media and maintain a low profile.

Gigi Hadid’s Dating History: Past Relationships and Ex-Boyfriends

Gigi Hadid’s dating history has been a topic of interest for many fans and followers. Her relationships with famous men have made headlines and garnered attention from the media. However, it is important to remember that she is a person with feelings, and her relationships are private matters.

While there have been speculations and rumors about her dating life, it is up to her to decide what she wants to share with the public. Gigi’s love life may be a source of fascination for some, but ultimately, it is her personal business.

Gigi Hadid’s Current Boyfriend: Who is She Dating Now?

Gigi Hadid, one of the most sought-after models in the fashion industry, has had her fair share of high-profile romances. As of now, the 26-year-old supermodel is currently dating Zayn Malik, a British singer and former member of the boy band One Direction.

The couple has had a tumultuous relationship in the past, having broken up and reunited multiple times since they started dating in 2015. However, they seem to be going strong as of now, with the couple making several public appearances together and sharing glimpses of their love life on social media.

In recent dating news, the couple was seen together at Hadid’s family farm in Pennsylvania, where Malik reportedly spent time bonding with her family. This outing sparked rumors of the couple getting engaged, especially after Hadid was seen wearing a ring on her left ring finger. However, there has been no confirmation from either party about the engagement rumors.

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Despite the occasional ups and downs, fans of both Hadid and Malik continue to support their relationship, eagerly awaiting updates on their love life.

Gigi Hadid’s Love Life: A Look Into Her Romantic Relationships

Gigi Hadid has been in the public eye for several years, and her love life has not gone unnoticed. She has been linked with several partners, leaving fans curious about her romantic journey. Let’s take a closer look at her relationships and gain insight into her love life.

Hadid was in a long-term relationship with singer Zayn Malik from 2016 to 2018. The couple was known for their public displays of affection and frequent social media posts. However, the pair called it quits in 2018 but reconciled a few months later. Their relationship ended for good in 2019.

Before Malik, Hadid had a short-lived romance with Joe Jonas in 2015. The couple was rumored to have dated for only five months before calling it quits. After their split, Jonas went on to date and eventually marry actress Sophie Turner.

Another one of Hadid’s high-profile relationships was with Tyler Cameron, a contestant on the Bachelorette. The two were spotted together several times in 2019, leading fans to speculate about their relationship status. However, their romance was short-lived, and the couple went their separate ways after a few weeks.

Hadid has also been linked with actor and singer Anwar Hadid, her sister Bella’s ex-boyfriend. The two were first spotted together in 2019 and confirmed their relationship later that year. The couple has maintained a low profile, but their occasional social media posts prove that they are still going strong.

Throughout her relationships, Hadid has been open about her desire to keep her love life private. She believes that it is important to maintain some level of secrecy to protect her relationships from the public eye. While it may be challenging to keep a low profile as a celebrity, Hadid has shown a willingness to do what it takes to ensure her love life stays out of the spotlight.

Gigi Hadid’s Dating Rumors: Separating Fact from Fiction

Gigi Hadid’s love life has been a topic of discussion among fans and the media alike. However, not all rumors turn out to be true. Let’s take a closer look at the dating rumors surrounding Gigi Hadid and separate fact from fiction.

One of the most prominent dating rumors involving Gigi Hadid was with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. The couple had an on-again, off-again relationship for several years, and despite rumors of a reconciliation, they have reportedly gone their separate ways for good.

Another dating rumor regarding Gigi Hadid was with Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron. The two were spotted together multiple times, leading to speculation about a possible romance. However, Tyler later clarified that they were just friends and that he was not dating Gigi.

Other rumors surrounding Gigi Hadid’s dating life include being linked with Joe Jonas, Lewis Hamilton, and Cody Simpson. While some of these rumors may have had some truth to them, others were simply baseless speculation.

“While the rumors surrounding Gigi Hadid’s dating life may garner attention, it’s important to remember that not all speculation is rooted in reality.”

It’s clear that Gigi Hadid’s dating life has been the subject of many rumors, but as with any celebrity, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction.

Ultimately, it’s up to Gigi to decide what she wants to share with the public regarding her personal life. Regardless of whether the rumors were true or not, it’s important to respect her privacy and allow her to live her life on her terms.

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Gigi Hadid’s Partner: Who Has She Been Linked With?

Gigi Hadid has been linked with several high-profile individuals throughout her career as a supermodel, including musicians, actors, and fellow models. Let’s take a closer look at some of her rumored partners:

PartnerRumored Dating Period
Zayn Malik2015-2018; 2019-present
Joe Jonas2015
Cody Simpson2013-2015
Tyler Cameron2019

Currently, Gigi Hadid is in a relationship with singer Zayn Malik, with whom she has an on-and-off relationship. The couple has been linked together since 2015 and has been subject to numerous rumors and speculation. They briefly broke up in 2018 but reunited in 2019, and have been together ever since.

Prior to her relationship with Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid was rumored to have dated Joe Jonas, Cody Simpson, and Tyler Cameron. She was also briefly linked to Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton in 2015.

“Gigi and I are still really good friends. She’s an amazing person and I’m happy we’re still friends,” said Cody Simpson in an interview with HollywoodLife.

Despite the rumors and speculation surrounding her love life, Gigi Hadid has remained tight-lipped about her romantic relationships and has chosen to keep her personal life private.

Gigi Hadid’s Secretive Relationships: Keeping Her Love Life Private

Despite being a public figure, Gigi Hadid is known for keeping her romantic life private. The supermodel has been in the public eye for years, but she rarely discusses her personal relationships with the press or on social media. This approach has led to many questions about her love life, but Gigi remains tight-lipped.

There are many reasons why Gigi may choose to keep her relationships out of the spotlight. For one, she may want to protect the privacy of her partners, who are not in the public eye. Additionally, Gigi may feel that her relationships are personal and not something she wants to share with the world.

Despite her efforts to keep her love life under wraps, there have been plenty of rumors and speculation surrounding Gigi’s relationships. Fans have been quick to speculate about her dating life, with various rumors circulating on social media and in tabloid magazines. Gigi has not commented on any of these rumors, preferring to keep her personal life private.

That being said, Gigi has occasionally opened up about her relationships. In an interview with Vogue in 2019, she revealed that she prefers to keep her romantic life separate from her public persona. “I have a private life and I enjoy it,” Gigi explained. “I’m not hiding anything, I’m just not posting pictures of my boyfriend on Instagram. I think that’s a conscious choice. It’s not because I don’t want people to know that we’re together, it’s just that I don’t think it has to be a part of my brand.”

Despite Gigi’s desire for privacy, fans continue to speculate about her relationships. It remains to be seen whether she will ever open up more about her personal life, but for now, Gigi seems content to keep her love life out of the public eye.

Gigi Hadid’s Relationship Status: Insights into Her Current Situation

Gigi Hadid’s current relationship status is a hot topic among her fans and the media. As of the latest updates, she is in a committed relationship with musician Zayn Malik. The couple began dating in 2015 and have had an on-again, off-again relationship ever since.

The couple welcomed a daughter, Khai, in September 2020, and have been spotted together frequently ever since. Despite their past public breakups, the couple seems to be going strong and is often seen sharing their love on social media.

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Gigi has been quite open about her relationship with Zayn and has not shied away from sharing intimate moments with her fans. However, she has also made it clear that she values her privacy and intends to keep certain aspects of her life away from the public eye.

It’s important to note that Gigi’s relationship status is subject to change, and it’s possible that she may choose to keep her future relationships private. It’s always best to respect a celebrity’s right to privacy and allow them to share what they feel comfortable sharing.


Throughout this article, we have explored the dating life and relationship status of supermodel Gigi Hadid. We learned about her past relationships and ex-boyfriends, as well as her current boyfriend and dating rumors.

It is clear that people are interested in the romantic lives of celebrities, but it is important to remember that they are entitled to privacy and personal space. Gigi Hadid, like many other celebrities, has taken steps to keep her love life private.

Why privacy matters

Celebrities are often the subject of intense media scrutiny, and their every move, including their romantic relationships, is often reported on. It can be difficult for them to maintain a sense of normalcy in their private lives. By keeping their relationships private, they can protect themselves from unwanted attention and maintain a sense of control over their personal lives.

Celebrity couples in the public eye

While some celebrities choose to keep their relationships private, others choose to share their love lives with the world. We have seen many celebrity couples, such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, publicly share their relationships with their fans.

It is important to remember that each celebrity couple has their own reasons for sharing or not sharing their relationship with the public. Ultimately, it is up to them to decide what feels right for them.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Gigi Hadid’s dating life and relationship status have been a subject of interest for many people. It is important to remember that celebrities are entitled to privacy and personal space, and that their romantic relationships should be respected.

Whether a celebrity chooses to keep their relationship private or share it with the world, it is up to them to decide what feels right for them. As fans, we can support their decisions and continue to follow their careers with admiration and respect.


Who is Gigi Hadid dating?

Gigi Hadid’s current dating status is undisclosed.

What is Gigi Hadid’s relationship history?

Gigi Hadid has had various past relationships and ex-boyfriends.

Who is Gigi Hadid’s current boyfriend?

Gigi Hadid’s current boyfriend is not publicly known at this time.

Can you provide insight into Gigi Hadid’s love life?

Gigi Hadid’s love life has been the subject of public interest, showcasing her journey in romantic relationships.

What can you tell me about the dating rumors surrounding Gigi Hadid?

We will provide accurate information to separate fact from fiction in the dating rumors surrounding Gigi Hadid.

Who has Gigi Hadid been linked with as potential partners?

Gigi Hadid has been linked with various individuals romantically. We will provide details on those connections.

Does Gigi Hadid keep her love life private?

Gigi Hadid values her privacy, especially when it comes to her romantic relationships. We will explore her approach to maintaining secrecy.

Can you provide insights into Gigi Hadid’s current relationship status?

We will provide the latest updates on Gigi Hadid’s relationship status, ensuring you’re informed about any changes.

What is the conclusion regarding Gigi Hadid’s dating life and relationship status?

The conclusion will summarize the article’s information, emphasizing the significance of privacy in the lives of celebrities and the curiosity surrounding their romantic relationships.

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