Who is Emily Ratajkowski Dating?

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Emily Ratajkowski, the model, author, and entrepreneur known for her captivating presence in the fashion and entertainment world, has been the subject of media attention not just for her professional achievements but also for her personal life. Recently, the spotlight has turned to her romantic endeavors, particularly amid rumors of her split from comedian Pete Davidson. Adding a new chapter to her love life, Ratajkowski has been linked to visual artist Jack Greer, marking a potential new romance that has captured public interest.

The Beginning of Speculations

The speculation about Emily Ratajkowski’s new romantic interest began after her rumored split from Pete Davidson, a relationship that itself had garnered significant media coverage. Davidson, known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and high-profile relationships, seemed to be a match that intrigued fans and onlookers alike. However, as it is with many celebrity relationships, the dynamics shifted, leading to rumors of their separation.

The Emergence of Jack Greer

Enter Jack Greer, a visual artist whose work spans various mediums, including but not limited to, painting, sculpture, and film. Greer’s artistic endeavors have established him as a respected figure in the contemporary art world, known for his ability to blend urban grit with personal expression. His connection with Ratajkowski marks an interesting pivot in her dating history, suggesting a shared appreciation for creative expression and the arts.

The Public Outing

The relationship between Ratajkowski and Greer gained public attention following their photographed outing in New York City on December 21. According to photos obtained by People magazine, the couple was seen engaging in public displays of affection, a clear indication of their romantic connection. This outing not only confirmed rumors of Ratajkowski’s new relationship but also offered a glimpse into her life post-Davidson.

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The Significance of This New Relationship

The public’s fascination with Ratajkowski’s relationships is multifaceted. On one level, it speaks to the celebrity culture’s obsession with personal lives. On another, it highlights Ratajkowski’s own journey and evolution, both personally and professionally. Her connection with Greer might suggest a new phase in her life, one that possibly aligns more closely with her own artistic and creative ambitions.

The Reaction and Future Prospects

As with any celebrity relationship, the public’s reaction has been a mix of curiosity, support, and speculation. Fans of Ratajkowski are keen to see how this new relationship develops and whether it will influence her creative output or public persona. Meanwhile, observers of the art world are intrigued by the potential crossover between Greer’s artistic sensibilities and Ratajkowski’s fashion and literary endeavors.


The news of Emily Ratajkowski dating Jack Greer presents more than just a new celebrity coupling; it symbolizes a convergence of art, fashion, and personal evolution. As they navigate their relationship under the public eye, it will be interesting to see how this partnership influences their respective fields. Whether their connection remains a personal bond or evolves into a collaborative creative force, it certainly adds a captivating narrative to the ongoing story of Ratajkowski’s life in the limelight.

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