Who is Angelina Jolie Dating?

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Angelina Jolie is a Hollywood icon known not only for her acting prowess but also for her intriguing personal life. Her relationships have been a subject of public interest for years, leaving her fans and enthusiasts wondering, “Who is Angelina Jolie dating now?” Fortunately for you, we have the latest updates and insights into her dating life.

We will explore who Angelina Jolie is currently dating and share more about her recent romantic partners. Furthermore, we will dive into her dating history, her approach to relationships, and the impact she has had on the dating world. Keep reading to learn more.

Angelina Jolie’s Relationship Status

Angelina Jolie has been the subject of numerous dating rumors since her high-profile split from Brad Pitt in 2016. However, the actress has kept her personal life relatively private, leaving fans and the media guessing about her love life.

Despite the speculation, Jolie has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationships since her divorce. In interviews, she has expressed a desire to focus on her career and family, rather than pursuing a new partner.

That being said, rumors have continued to circulate about potential suitors. Some reports have suggested that she has been seeing an unnamed British businessman, while others have linked her to actors such as Colin Farrell and Keanu Reeves.

Despite the rumors, it is important to remember that Jolie’s relationship status is ultimately her own business. She has the right to keep her personal life private and not share it with the public or media.

“I never wanted to be anybody’s girlfriend,” Jolie told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019. “I never wanted to be anybody’s wife. I just wanted to focus on my work…Until I met Brad, I was just navigating this thing called life, and I had the greatest adventures.”

Ultimately, it is up to Jolie to decide when and if she is ready to share her love life with the public.

Angelina Jolie’s Current Boyfriend

Angelina Jolie has been in the public eye since she was a young actress, and her romantic life has been a topic of fascination for many. Currently, she is dating The Weeknd, a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter.

The news of their relationship was first reported in July 2021, when they were seen leaving a dinner together in Los Angeles. Since the initial report, the couple has been spotted together at several events, including the 2021 Venice Film Festival, where Jolie premiered her latest film, “Eternals.”

Before dating The Weeknd, Jolie was linked to several other high-profile celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jonny Lee Miller. Despite the media attention that comes with dating a celebrity, Jolie has maintained a relatively private romantic life.

In an interview with Vogue India, Jolie stated that she values qualities like kindness, generosity, and a sense of humor in a partner. She also emphasized the importance of having a strong work ethic and shared goals in a relationship.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Jolie and The Weeknd, but their romance has definitely piqued the interest of fans and media alike.

Angelina Jolie’s Dating History

Angelina Jolie has had a number of high-profile romantic relationships throughout her career in the entertainment industry, with some of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men.

Her dating history dates back to the 1990s when she was married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller. The couple met while they were filming the movie “Hackers.” However, their marriage only lasted three years, and they separated in 1997.

Jolie then began dating model-actor Jenny Shimizu, whom she met while filming the movie “Foxfire.” In an interview with Girlfriends Magazine, Jolie described her relationship with Shimizu as “true love,” and the two dated on and off for several years.

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Jolie married actor Billy Bob Thornton in 2000 following a whirlwind romance. They famously wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks as a symbol of their love. However, their marriage ended after three years, citing irreconcilable differences.

Jolie’s most high-profile relationship to date was with actor Brad Pitt. The couple met while filming the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2004. They began dating shortly after and were married in 2014. Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce proceedings were lengthy and often contentious, with both parties making public allegations against each other.

Aside from her romantic relationships, Jolie has also been involved in several high-profile humanitarian causes. She has been appointed as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and has worked with several organizations to promote human rights and alleviate poverty.

Overall, Jolie’s dating history has been tumultuous, but she remains a highly respected figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Angelina Jolie’s Approach to Relationships

Angelina Jolie’s approach to relationships is unique and complex, shaped by her experiences and personal philosophy on love. She has been outspoken about her views on relationships, emphasizing the importance of honesty, communication, and self-awareness.

Jolie believes that a successful relationship requires both partners to have a sense of self, to be able to communicate their needs and desires, and to work through challenges together. She also believes in the power of forgiveness and the ability to grow and learn from past mistakes.

“I think the most important thing in a relationship is being honest, being communicative, and being yourself. I think it’s important to be with a person who has their own life, their own ambitions, and their own passions, and to support each other in those things.”

Jolie’s love philosophy is rooted in the belief that love is not just about finding the right person, but also about putting in the effort and work to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. She has spoken about the importance of embracing vulnerability and accepting that sometimes relationships can be messy and imperfect.

Overall, Jolie’s approach to relationships centers around authenticity, compassion, and growth. She has been vocal about the challenges she has faced in her own relationships and uses her experiences to inspire others to have a more holistic and mindful approach to love.

Media Perception of Angelina Jolie’s Relationships

Angelina Jolie’s dating life has always been under the spotlight, with media scrutiny often accompanying her romantic relationships. Her high-profile marriage to Brad Pitt, in particular, attracted intense media attention, with rumors and speculation surrounding the couple’s private life constantly making headlines.

Despite attempts to keep her personal life private, Angelina Jolie’s relationships have often been the subject of tabloid gossip and criticism. The media has been quick to scrutinize her romantic partners, often focusing on rumors of infidelity or insinuating that she is unable to maintain long-term relationships.

“You know, I’m not somebody that thinks about destiny and fate, but I don’t walk away from something that is good just because I think it’s not perfect,” Jolie once said in an interview with Vanity Fair, referring to her relationship with Brad Pitt.

The intense media scrutiny surrounding her relationships has also impacted her public image and perception among audiences. Despite her active involvement in humanitarian work and philanthropic efforts, many still associate her primarily with her romantic relationships and personal life.

Despite the persistent media attention, Angelina Jolie has remained steadfast in her commitment to keeping her personal life private. She has emphasized the importance of focusing on her work and family, rather than engaging in public speculation about her relationships.

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Impact of Media Perception on Angelina Jolie

The media’s perception of Angelina Jolie’s relationships has undoubtedly had an impact on her personal and public life. While she has remained a highly successful actress and humanitarian, her relationships have been overshadowed by media scrutiny and public speculation.

This constant attention has also impacted her ability to form new relationships and maintain existing ones, with the added pressure of public scrutiny weighing heavily on her personal life.

  • Angelina Jolie media perception
  • Angelina Jolie relationship scrutiny

Angelina Jolie’s Ideal Partner

Angelina Jolie is known for being one of the most desirable women in Hollywood. Her romantic history includes high-profile relationships with Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jonny Lee Miller. So what does Angelina look for in an ideal partner?

She has been vocal about valuing intellect and emotional intelligence over physical attributes. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “I’m drawn to people who are intelligent and who are trying to make the world a better place in some way.”

However, she acknowledges that no one is perfect and that relationships take work. “I think a lot of people want to be with someone because it looks good. I’m not interested in that,” she said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “A partner should also challenge you, and it should be hard work sometimes.”

Ultimately, Angelina Jolie’s ideal partner is someone who is intelligent, empathetic, supportive, and willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work.

Angelina Jolie’s Public vs. Private Love Life

Angelina Jolie’s dating life has always been a topic of interest for the media and her fans. While she has been open about her past relationships, she has also kept her private life out of the public eye. Jolie has managed to maintain a balance between her personal relationships and her public image.

When it comes to her personal relationships, Jolie prefers to keep things private. She believes that the media scrutiny can put a strain on a relationship and is protective of her family’s privacy. However, her high-profile relationships have often played out in the public eye.

Jolie has discussed the impact that the media scrutiny has had on her relationships. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she stated, “I think a relationship, when it’s in the public eye, can be a little uncomfortable. It’s not something I wanted, but it’s something that just happened. And I’m glad it happened because I use it for positive things.” Jolie has used her platform to raise awareness for various causes and continues to be an advocate for human rights.

Despite the media attention, Jolie has managed to maintain her privacy. She has been known to keep her personal life separate from her public image and has focused on her work and children. Jolie believes that her work is a reflection of her inner life and strives to bring authenticity to her performances.

Overall, Jolie has maintained a balance between her public and private life. She has been open about her past relationships but also values her privacy. Jolie’s ability to maintain her privacy while still being a high-profile celebrity is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Angelina Jolie’s Impact on the Dating World

Angelina Jolie has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the dating world through her high-profile relationships and public image. She has been a source of fascination for the media and the public, with her romantic entanglements dominating headlines for years.

Jolie’s relationships with Hollywood icons like Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton have been closely scrutinized, and her unconventional approach to love and relationships has challenged societal beliefs and norms.

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Her boldness in openly discussing her past experiences with drug use and bisexuality has helped to destigmatize these topics and open up conversations around them.

Moreover, Jolie’s activism and humanitarian work have raised awareness about issues such as refugees, human rights, and gender equality. Her efforts to make a positive impact on the world have undoubtedly influenced her stance on relationships.

As a powerful and influential figure, Jolie’s choices and actions in her love life have the potential to shape cultural narratives about relationships and dating. She has shown that it is possible to navigate the dating world on one’s own terms, without conforming to traditional expectations.

In short, Angelina Jolie’s impact on the dating world goes far beyond her personal relationships. She has challenged societal norms and sparked important conversations about love, sexuality, and social justice.


Angelina Jolie’s dating journey has been a topic of fascination for fans and media alike. From her high-profile relationships with Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton to her current romantic partner, the public has been enamored with her love life.

Throughout this article, we have explored the latest updates and insights into Angelina Jolie’s dating life, separated facts from rumors and gained insights into her personal relationships. We have traced her dating history, delved into her approach to relationships, and examined the media’s perception of her love life.

Furthermore, we have learned about Angelina Jolie’s ideal partner, the differences between her public and private love life, and the impact her relationships have had on popular culture and societal perceptions of romance.

As we conclude, it is evident that Angelina Jolie’s dating journey is a reflection of her personal and public life. Her unique love philosophy, celebrity status, and media scrutiny have all contributed to shaping the narrative around her love life. But despite the attention and speculation, Angelina Jolie remains a powerful and independent woman, who chooses to navigate her romantic relationships on her own terms.


Who is Angelina Jolie currently dating?

As of the latest updates, Angelina Jolie’s current dating life is not publicly known. She has chosen to keep her romantic relationships private.

What is Angelina Jolie’s relationship status?

Angelina Jolie’s relationship status is not publicly confirmed. She has been focused on her career and raising her children.

Can you provide information on Angelina Jolie’s dating history?

Angelina Jolie has had several high-profile relationships in the past, including marriages to Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton, and Brad Pitt.

What is Angelina Jolie’s approach to relationships?

Angelina Jolie values honesty, trust, and open communication in relationships. She believes in the importance of supporting and respecting one another.

How does the media perceive Angelina Jolie’s relationships?

Angelina Jolie’s relationships often attract media attention and scrutiny due to her high-profile status. The media plays a role in shaping the narrative around her love life.

What qualities does Angelina Jolie look for in an ideal partner?

While Angelina Jolie’s personal preferences may have evolved over time, she has previously mentioned valuing kindness, intelligence, and a sense of humor in a partner.

How does Angelina Jolie balance her public and private love life?

Angelina Jolie strives to maintain a balance between her personal relationships and public image. She is known for being selective about sharing details of her personal life.

What impact has Angelina Jolie had on the dating world?

Angelina Jolie’s relationships and personal journey have had a significant impact on popular culture. She has influenced societal perceptions of relationships and inspired many.

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