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Sangeeta Sornalingam is widely known as the wife of popular South Indian actor Vijay. As Vijay prefers to keep his personal life very private, not much is known publicly about Sangeeta. But she has been by Vijay’s side as his anchor and support system for over two decades now. Let’s find out more about this graceful woman beyond the spotlight who has won Vijay’s heart.

Sangeeta’s Background and Early Life

Sangeetha Sornalingam was born on July 15, 1974, in London, United Kingdom to Indian Tamil parents. Her father, Subramanian, and mother, Sarojini, had migrated from Sri Lanka to the UK in the early 1970s. She grew up in London in a middle-class Tamil family along with her younger sister Kanika and elder brother Sanjay.

Right from her childhood, Sangeetha had a creative bent of mind. She loved dancing and even went on to pursue a degree in dance and choreography at university. However, acting was her true passion. She had done some small roles in television during her college days. It was this passion for films that would eventually lead her to cross paths with Vijay one day.

How Sangeeta Met Vijay

Sangeetha met Vijay in 1996 on the sets of the Tamil film “Vishnu.” She had a small role to play in the film. Vijay was already a rising star in the Tamil film industry when they met. As the story goes, it was love at first sight for both of them!

They started dating soon after the shoot wrapped up. In Sangeetha, Vijay had found a loving, graceful and virtuous life partner who balanced his intense, workaholic nature. After just 2 years of courtship, they decided to settle down as life partners.

Sangeeta and Vijay’s Wedding

Vijay and Sangeetha tied the knot in August 1999 in Chennai. It was a private ceremony attended only by their close family members and friends. Vijay was at the peak of his burgeoning career then and an intensely private person even regarding his love life. Hence the secrecy around the wedding.

Sangeetha made for a radiant South Indian bride in a traditional red and gold Kanjeevaram saree. Post their wedding, Sangeetha seamlessly settled into the role of Vijay’s wife, firmly standing by her man as his support system and bringing stability and joy to his life. The couple has been going strong for 23 years now.

Sangeeta’s Role as Vijay’s Wife

As the devoted wife of an incredibly popular actor and public figure like Vijay, Sangeeta plays a crucial role behind-the-scenes. Though she prefers to keep away from the media glare, she is the anchor providing love, stability and emotional support to Vijay.

She takes care of all the domestic responsibilities – from managing the house, raising their kids, to even overseeing Vijay’s work schedules and professional commitments. She ensures Vijay has the mental space to focus on honing his craft while she handles everything at home with grace and efficiency.

Over the years, Sangeeta has mastered the art of being the perfect companion to Vijay. She accompanies him for all his film shoots, events and award functions. She is often seen cheering for him from the wings or making sure he has everything he needs to deliver his best onscreen. Their marriage is still going strong thanks to the secrecy, understanding and maturity with which Sangeeta shoulders her role as his wife.

Sangeeta’s Age and Physical Appearance

As of 2023, Sangeetha Sornalingam is believed to be around 49 years old. There is not much information available about her exact date of birth. In terms of her physical appearance, she has an elegant, graceful presence and a quiet dignity about her.

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Sangeeta has an oval-shaped face, dark brown eyes, long black hair and a tall, slim figure. Her gentle smile and youthful looks often have people guessing her to be much younger than her actual age! She mostly opts for graceful saris and exudes an old-world charm in the way she dresses and carries herself. Staying fit through yoga and eating healthy is what enables her to defy age so beautifully!

Sangeeta’s Family and Relatives

There is not much public information available about Sangeeta’s family as she likes to keep her personal life guarded. However, it is known that Sangeetha was born to Tamil parents – Sarojini and Subramanian who migrated from Jaffna in Sri Lanka. She has a younger sister, Kanika and an older brother named Sanjay. Her sister Kanika is married to Dr. Manimaran who is an orthopedic surgeon.

On the other hand, Vijay hails from a family of film personalities. His father S.A. Chandrasekhar is a well-known director and his mother Shobha is a seasoned Carnatic singer. He has an elder sister Vidhya, younger brothers Sanjay and Madhesh, who are also actors. After marriage, Sangeetha blended beautifully into Vijay’s family. By all accounts, she shares a warm relationship with his parents and siblings. Vijay’s daughter Divya Saasha has mentioned in interviews about the sweet bond they share as grandparents-grandchild.

Sangeeta’s Career and Movies

Unlike the ambitious film career she once dreamed of, Sangeetha decided to leave acting after marriage based on Vijay’s advice. He felt she would have difficulties managing their home and two kids if she continued acting after their wedding. Hence she settled comfortably into her role as his anchor providing him the backup he needs.

However, we do know that Sangeeta had acted in a few films and serials before marriage. She played minor roles in Vijay-starrers like “Vishnu” and “Chandralekha.” Sangeetha had the lead role in a 1997 Tamil serial “Aval Varuvala” aired on Doordarshan. She exhibited solid acting talent in the soap.

Sangeetha also has some music video appearances to her credit. Her graceful dancing skills are evident in two of Vijay’s early songs “Priya Priya Pozhuthu” (Vishnu) and “Pretty Woman” (Swarnamukhi) where she makes a cameo alongside him.

What Sangeeta Has Said About Vijay

Despite avoiding media limelight, Sangeetha has occasionally made public appearances beside Vijay over the years. In rare public statements, she has only spoken highly of Vijay as a wonderful husband, dad and son who loves his family dearly.

According to Sangeeta, Vijay totally transforms into his playful, fun-loving self when at home while he is intensely focused and professional at work. She credits her parents’ strong relationship as an inspiration that guides her to provide whole-hearted support to Vijay’s priorities. Within the family, Vijay prefers to take a relaxed backseat and lets Sangeeta manage the kids and household. He enjoys light-hearted fun with the kids whenever possible.

So while Vijay faces the arclights, Sangeeta anchors him from behind the curtains like his protective charm. They fully trust each other and this mutual understanding is what makes them an ideal couple who have stayed the distance despite intense public scrutiny on Vijay’s stardom.

How Vijay Describes His Wife Sangeeta

While Sangeeta avoids any personal questions, Vijay does express his love and gratitude for her in media interactions. Though he keeps the details private, Vijay has mentioned how his wife quietly handled all responsibilities at home when he was fully focused on providing for his family. He admits he could pursue his passion whole-heartedly thanks to Sangeetha’s care for their kids and management of their home so diligently over the years.

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In an interview, Vijay described Sangeeta as a blessing from God and revealed that he fell head over heels in love when he first met her. He described her as an embodiment of the ideal Indian woman – gentle, gracious, compassionate and deeply rooted in family values.

He always proudly refers to Sangeeta as his lucky charm who brought joy and completeness to his life. Vijay is clearly smitten by his wife even after over 20 years of marriage! From his words, it’s clear that he considers Sangeeta his anchor and just having her by his side makes him feel supported enough to take on the world.

Sangeeta and Vijay’s Children

Vijay and Sangeetha are proud parents of two children – a daughter named Divya Shasha (born in 2005) and a son named Jason Sanjay (born in 2000). Both their kids have grown into fine, well-educated and talented teenagers now.

Following Sangeeta’s protective nature when it comes to family, the faces of their children have been largely kept away from the media glare while growing up. Vijay also prefers not to speak about them publicly. But Shasha has matured into an independent, confident girl studying in London now while Sanjay is finishing college in Canada pursuing his dreams.

As a mother, Sangeetha raised both her kids with grace and humility, teaching them strong family values. Both Vijay and Sangeetha have ensured normal childhoods for their son and daughter despite Vijay’s massive fame. They try their best to balance out the positives and negatives of public life impacting their personal world.

Sangeeta has played an invaluable role behind-the-scenes as Vijay’s trusted confidante and supportive wife while being a caring mother steering their kids’ upbringing beautifully away from unwanted media attention upon them as a celebrity family.

Sangeeta’s Hobbies and Interests

There is little information in the public eye about Sangeeta’s personal interests and hobbies. From a few interviews and media snippets over the years, a broad picture emerges…Sangeeta seems to be a very family-oriented woman who finds happiness and emotional fulfillment through being a caring wife to Vijay and dedicated mother to their two kids.

Being from a creative field herself earlier, Sangeeta appreciates the arts. She is known to enjoy some light classical music (aside from being Vijay’s private audience for his own charming songs!). Reading books across genres, doing yoga, casual cooking for family and revisiting her childhood passion for dancing once in a while capture her leisure interests.

But above all, Sangeeta remains deeply invested in patiently supporting all of Vijay’s professional ventures behind-the-scenes. She unwinds through simple joys like family vacations, celebrating festivals at home and always being available as the reliable anchor providing the care, counsel and cushion for her dearest ones from life’s stresses.

Controversies and Rumours About Sangeeta

As a fiercely private person, Sangeeta has been successful in keeping away from all kinds of rumours in the glamour world. Given Vijay’s massive fanbase, there is intense media and public interest in knowing more about his personal world. Sangeeta remains happily oblivious to all speculation around their relationship by focusing on her duties within the family fold.

Of course, Vijay’s long, sustaining marriage to Sangeeta has quietened all rumour mills hooking him up with other heroines over time. In fact, his total devotion to her comes through as the strength enabling him to excel in his work while she ably manages their family. For all we know, Sangeeta continues to lead a peaceful, uncontroversial life on her terms to this day.

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Maybe that’s why Vijay has continually expressed his gratitude towards his graceful, virtuous life partner and lucky charm – for being his strongest support system through life’s ups and downs. He clearly knows her incalculable worth and holds her in the highest respect within his life priorities.

Sangeeta’s Net Worth

Considering Sangeeta’s primary identity today is that of Vijay’s beloved wife and not an active celebrity, there are no verified figures available regarding her individual net worth or professional income streams. Some unconfirmed reports estimate her fortune to be around 10 crores earned through prudent investments, fixed deposits and family inheritance over time.

By association to Vijay who is among the highest paid actors in India with an astounding net worth of nearly ₹200 crores, Sangeeta obviously leads a comfortable, financially abundant lifestyle managed privately as per her needs. But she prefers to stay focused on raising her family rather than chasing wealth or fame. With sound financial wisdom gained over years of balancing real-life priorities, she oversees finances for their home while Vijay takes over earning for the family.


Sangeeta Sornalingam is the graceful, lovely woman who stole superstar Vijay’s heart many years ago to settle into a fairytale marriage that remains rock-solid to date. As his wife, soulmate and lucky charm, she continues to selflessly support Vijay’s towering professional dreams from the background through her care, wisdom and understanding of what truly matters. Despite intense public curiosity, she guards their family privacy fiercely.

Behind Vijay’s extraordinary success is a woman named Sangeeta walking through life beside him with dignity, poise and inner strength – quietly holding the fort at home as Vijay continues to passionately conquer the field of acting driven by her love and devotion. Such is the story of this elusive yet strong woman the world knows little about – but the one Vijay proudly calls his life partner.

FAQs About Sangeeta Sornalingam

What is Sangeeta Sornalingam’s exact age?

There are no confirmed reports on Sangeeta’s exact date of birth or current age. Based on estimates, she is believed to be around 49 years old as of 2023.

What work does Sangeeta do?

Sangeeta is a homemaker, managing all the domestic responsibilities as a wife and mother. She does not have any active professional engagements currently beyond supporting Vijay’s film work behind-the-scenes.

How did Vijay and Sangeeta meet?

Vijay and Sangeeta met in 1996 on the film set of Tamil movie Vishnu where she had a small role to play. As per reports, it was love at first sight for both and they got married in 1999.

How many children do Vijay and Sangeeta have?

Vijay and Sangeeta have two children together – a son named Jason Sanjay born in 2000, and a daughter named Divya Saasha born in 2005. Both their kids are now young adults pursuing higher education abroad.

Has Sangeeta acted in any films?

Yes, Sangeeta acted in minor/character roles in 90s Tamil films like Vishnu (which marked her first meeting with Vijay) and Chandralekha. She was also the lead actress in 1997 Tamil TV soap Aval Varuvala aired on Doordarshan.

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