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Hirai Saya is a stunning Japanese model, Instagram star, and media personality who has become immensely popular in recent years. With her girl-next-door charm and fashionable good looks, Saya has garnered a huge following across social media and landed numerous high-profile modeling gigs.

From appearing on the cover of fashion magazines to starring in commercials and brand campaigns, Saya’s modeling career has taken off in a big way. She has leveraged her online influence and turned herself into a bonafide celebrity in Japan. Beyond just her work and popularity, fans are also curious about her personal life.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Saya’s background, her rise to fame, key career achievements, personal relationships, and what she’s up to now. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just learning about Saya, read on for the scoop on this talented star!

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Hirai Saya was born on March 13, 1994 in Saitama, Japan. Even from a young age, Saya had a strong interest in fashion, beauty, and modeling. As a teenager, she began taking part in local fashion shows and building up her modeling portfolio.

Saya also harbored dreams of working in entertainment and media. She started taking acting and dance lessons to hone her skills for the industry. Throughout high school, Saya did some minor modeling work while continuing to study and prepare for her career.

After graduating high school in 2012, Saya decided to actively pursue modeling and entertainment work full-time. It was a risky career path, but she was determined to make it. Saya signed with a small local talent agency and started going to auditions and castings.

Rising Popularity and Success

Saya’s modeling career started gaining traction in 2014 when she booked a few magazine spreads and commercial jobs. Her natural beauty and girl-next-door vibes made her a hit with brands seeking fresh young talent.

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Over the next couple years, Saya’s profile rose steadily in the industry. In 2016, she had a real breakthrough by appearing on the cover of JJ magazine. This gave her crucial exposure and many more magazine cover offers started pouring in.

Around this time, Saya was also building a huge following on Instagram. Fans loved her cute selfies, fashion photos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and posts highlighting her quirky personality.

By 2018, Saya had over 500,000 Instagram followers and was considered a rising star model. She started getting jobs modeling for major Japanese fashion labels like Liz Lisa and Laguna Moon.

Saya’s popularity led to TV opportunities as well, including roles in dramas like Tomodachi Game and hosting gigs on shows like Ratzup. She even launched her own successful YouTube channel covering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

Personal Life

While her modeling career and Instagram fame were soaring, Saya also had some major personal developments in her romantic life.

In 2017, it was reported that Saya was dating actor Fujiwara Yasuhiro after meeting through mutual friends. The two kept their relationship very private initially.

After over a year of dating quietly, Saya and Yasuhiro announced their engagement in late 2018. News of their impending marriage sparked a media frenzy and intense interest from fans.

In June 2019, Saya and Yasuhiro tied the knot in a lavish traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. Their nuptials were covered extensively by entertainment media.

Since getting married, Saya has shared glimpses of domestic married life with Yasuhiro on social media. It’s clear from her posts that they enjoy cooking together, going on trips, and snuggling with their two cats.

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In 2022, Saya announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child together. She expressed excitement about starting a family along with continuing her career.

Current Endeavors

Now approaching 30, Saya is still extremely popular and working hard to maintain her status as a top model and media star. She continues to book major fashion and beauty campaigns in Japan and overseas.

Saya has over 1 million dedicated Instagram followers and often hosts brand events or collaborates with companies on sponsored content. She has an eye for leveraging social media and marketing herself.

In addition to modeling, Saya has started getting into acting more actively as well. In 2021, she landed a supporting role in the hit rom-com series Shitsuji Ienai Kekkon.

Going forward, Saya hopes to keep challenging herself by trying new projects in the modeling, fashion, and entertainment spheres. She also aims to inspire other young women to be confident and pursue their dreams.

Even with a busy career and family life, Saya comes across as down-to-earth and committed to her fans. Her relatable personality and girl-next-door authenticity are surely keys to her continued success.


Throughout her impressive career thus far, Hirai Saya has proven herself to be more than just another pretty face. With sharp business savvy and natural star power, she has parlayed modeling fame into overall celebrity status.

For fans, Saya represents a refreshing blend of approachable and aspirational. Even as her stardom has risen, she remains genuine and connected to her audience. That accessibility is part of what makes her so beloved.

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Looking ahead, Saya should continue captivating the public with her multifaceted talents. As she embarks on marriage, motherhood, and this next stage, there is still so much potential for Saya to explore. One thing is for sure—her millions of loyal followers will be cheering her on every step of the way.


What is Hirai Saya’s age?

Saya is currently 29 years old. She was born on March 13, 1994.

What is Saya’s Instagram handle?

Saya’s official Instagram handle is @hiraisaya9988. She currently has over 1 million followers.

Who is Hirai Saya’s husband?

In 2019, Saya married Japanese actor Fujiwara Yasuhiro after two years of dating. The two had a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony.

Does Saya have any children?

As of now, Saya does not have any children yet. However, she announced in 2022 that she and husband Yasuhiro are expecting their first child together.

What TV shows has Saya appeared in?

Some of Saya’s acting credits include roles in the dramas Tomodachi Game, Shitsuji Ienai Kekkon, and the variety show Ratzup as a host.

What are some of Saya’s modeling achievements?

Saya has modeled for major brands like Liz Lisa and Laguna Moon. She has appeared on the covers of JJ, ViVi, and Nylon Japan. She also has over 1 million Instagram followers.

How did Saya get her start in modeling?

Saya began modeling locally as a teenager. After high school, she signed with a small agency and started going to castings. Her career took off around 2014.

Is Saya active on any social media besides Instagram?

Yes, Saya also has a popular YouTube channel where she posts lifestyle and fashion content. She has over 500K subscribers.

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