The sewing machine needle is stuck in the down position

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Sewing can be an enjoyable hobby, but meeting problems like the needle being stuck in the down position can give you difficulties, and it is also very frustrating at the same time. Sometimes, this concern arises in different ways, but let me tell you that in such situations, you don’t need to be afraid. You will fix your sewing machine as soon as you have enough knowledge to run it smoothly by simply troubleshooting. This article will explain why your sewing machine needle might be down-locked and how to mend the problem.

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Thread Jam

The non-conformity of the thread to the spool is one of the most frequent causes of a sewing machine needle being stuck in the down feed. This situation becomes where the lace becomes mass or entangled and caught in the machine’s parts. To resolve this issue, follow these steps: 

  • Please shut off the sewing equipment and remove the power cord for safety.
  • Correctly separate the fabric pieces from the machine while refraining from pulling them with a strong force that may further worsen the stuck parts.
  • Getting inside the bobbin case recorder is very simple. All you need to do is remove any tangled threads or accumulated lint from the inside of the bobbin case.
  • Check out the top cloth passage to see whether there are knots/sags, and pull them out carefully.
  • Put all things back to order, beginning with clearing the tangled and locked jam, and accordingly, the machine’s manufacturer’s guide should be followed.
  • Run the machine through another quick test with a stripped cloth to ensure the mechanism works properly.
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Bent Needle

The other result is that a bent needle may jam the machine needle into its Down Position. The needle always finds the pin. Here’s how to address a bent needle: 

  • The bent needle can be skillfully extracted from the machine using needle-nosed pliers.
  • Get rid of the old needle and insert a new one of a suitable size and type for the present sewing assignment.
  • Make sure that the needle is placed in the right location and the flat side of the needle points to the back of the machine. Also, ensure that the needle is fully seated in the needle clamp.
  • Practice the machine to check if the needle moves smoothly back and forth without hitting a jam.

Incorrect Stitch Settings

Also, error stitch settings can include the needle in the lower position. If the number of stitches is an inch or the tension is too much, it stretches the needle and can cause it to get stuck. To fix this issue:

  • Before threading, check the stitch settings on your sewing machine and adjust them appropriately to fit the needs of your fabric and your sewing project.
  • If the stitch length is too long but the tension is not too much, then there isn’t messy stitching. It happens when the machine differs slightly and needs to be adjusted. So, knowing the remedy to the commonly seen problem is necessary before starting the sewing.
  • Proceed to the sewing machine manual for step-by-step advice regarding fabric types and sewing techniques for adjusting stitch settings.
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Mechanical Issues

In situations like this, the needle may stop in the lower position due to mechanical issues with the machine. A professional assistant may stand the best chance of tackling the problem if all of the above has been tried without success. Call your trusted sewing machine technician for any necessary repairs if the machine seems to have mechanical issues.


Through these guidelines, you can handle the jamming situation of your sewing machine needle, and going down the position is suitable. Therefore, you can start your sewing projects with ease. Use the sewing machine with proper caution while seeking professional help. Happy sewing!

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