How to Store Quilting Rulers

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Making quilts is a very engaging hobby, and the skill of such activity resembles mastering parameters and perseverance. The ruler heads the list of quilting implements. Practicing the right ruler storage technique increases the life of your Quilting Rulers and thus brings you joyful quilting. Is this the way you will adequately tackle quilting ruler storage? Here’s a beginner-friendly guide.

Understanding Quilting Rulers

Quilting Rulers of different sorts are available, and they have a wide range of measurements and dimensions that are crafted for particular duties. They are normally made of acrylic; therefore, they almost look fine so that you can see the fabric beneath them. Different signs on this ruler shall aid in accurate measurement and alignment, indispensable for creating elegant patterns.

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Why Proper Storage Matters

Proper storage of Quilting Rulers is essential for several reasons:

  • Prevents Damage: Like other Quilting Rulers, the surface might get scratched or damaged if not stored properly. The impacted rulers can be responsible for a lack of proper measurement accuracy.
  • Easy Accessibility: Being your rulers structured and at hand gives your quilting process momentum and saves time when dealing with numbers.
  • Saves Space: In quilting, you use your skills and creativity and gather diverse tools and materials. Well-thought-through storage solutions help cut down on messes within the workspace.

How to Store Quilting Rulers

Here are some effective ways to store your Quilting Rulers. Here are some effective ways to keep your Quilting Rulers:

  • Ruler Racks: Ruler racks, along with being a popular option, are designed to be accommodated easily, even in very small spaces. They have spaces on your side to ensure they are also inclined to an upright position. Go for a steady rack with as many bays as the ones in your store.
  • Wall-Mounted Holders: If space is an issue and you can’t stand on the table, select this wall-mounted shelf quickly. You will always have a ruler by reserving some hooks or pegs and hanging them there but not in the way of your work surface.
  • Drawer Dividers: Folders give you a more suitable option if you want rulers to remain flat. They make your rulers standoffish, which won’t get them sliding around.
  • DIY Solutions: You can also develop your unique storage idea for travel options. For example, instead of racks, one could use a modified dish rack or a repurposed magazine holder as the additional function of a ruler rack.
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Care and Maintenance

Whether you want to get a new storage box or your priority is the proper care and maintenance, keeping the rulers in good shape should be your main concern. Always wash your rulers with a clean cloth and non-abrasive liquid material. It is advisable to use non-abrading cleansers, bearing in mind that they can scratch the medium. Moreover, keep your rulers from heat sources because they may heat and shape the material.


It is very important for a quilter always to keep their Quilting Rulers in proper storage as it will preserve their workshop in an organized manner and keep their work tools in a very good state. It is up to you and no one else to decide whether you go for a store-bought or DIY solution, but what matters most is that it becomes part of your quilling journey that brings much enjoyment.

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