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WhatsApp groups are a fun way to stay connected with friends, family, coworkers and share common interests. However, over time, the conversation can become stale and groups can lose their spark. Sending the same old good morning messages or casual “what’s up?” chats get repetitive. Here are some tips and ideas to liven up your WhatsApp groups and keep members engaged.

Engage Members in Conversation

Starting engaging conversations and threading discussions is key to keeping a WhatsApp group active. Here are some ways to get members chatting:

Start Threads on Popular Topics

Get conversations flowing by bringing up topics you know members are passionate about or relate to. This could be anything from sports and entertainment to current events, tech gadgets, food, travel destinations or hobbies. Share an interesting related article, video or question and watch members chime in.

Pose Questions to the Group

Asking open-ended questions and fun polls will spark everyone to share their thoughts, opinions, perspectives and stories. Try “this or that” questions, “would you rather” scenarios or ask for recommendations.

Share Memes, Videos, News Related to Group Interests

Find trending memes, viral videos, gifs, current events and news stories relevant to the group’s interests. For example, share sports highlights in a sports fan group or cute puppy videos in a pet lovers group. This gives members fun content to bond over.

Organize Group Activities

Planning activities that bring members together (virtually) also helps keep the conversation energetic and flowing.

Plan Virtual Watch Parties for Shows & Movies

Choose a show, concert or movie to watch together and live chat your reactions, thoughts and jokes. Services like Netflix Party, Hulu Watch Party, Prime Video Watch Party make this easy.

Organize Online Multiplayer Games

Playing games together online during set times is engaging. Good options are games like online Pictionary, Heads Up!, Jackbox Games, Houseparty.

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Have Video Chat Hangouts

Set up video chat hangout times to actually see each other, catch up and participate in an activity together like doing a craft project or cooking the same recipe.

Assign Conversation Starters

Getting members in a routine of regularly sharing content keeps participation consistent.

Have Members Take Turns Sharing Interesting Content

Take turns assigning one member a day to share something interesting with the group. This gives everyone a chance to actively contribute.

Assign Daily Discussion Topics

Agree on topics ahead of time and designate members to prepare something to share or ask related to the topic that day. Topics could be based on holidays/events, personal interests etc.

Have a “Good News of the Day” Share

Ask members to take 5 minutes each day to share one piece of good, happy or positive news from their day. It lifts the whole group’s mood.

Make Things Interactive

Incorporating interactive elements makes the conversation two-way and brings variety.

Run Polls on Group Decisions

When the group needs to make a choice, set up a poll instead of just asking. Polls are visual, simple and make members feel included.

Create Quizzes and Games

Come up with fun quizzes on trivia, pop culture, music or polls with scenarios and questions to allow friendly competition. Sites like Kahoot! can help build games.

React to Messages with Emoji

Prompt members to react to messages, news and content shared in the chat with emoji. The visual reactions keep people engaged.

Maintain Etiquette

Healthy group dynamics are important for keeping things positive and participatory.

Keep Chats Friendly and Respectful

Remind members to be polite and tactful in chats and avoid aggressive arguments. Also have admins moderate and filter any inappropriate content.

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Limit Spam Messages

Don’t let members flood the chat with unnecessary forwards or spam. Gently call it out if needed. Also mute the chat when busy.

Greet New Members

When someone new joins, have current members warmly greet them, share brief intro messages and help get them up to speed on the group culture.

Share Media & Links

Sharing multimedia and links to outside content generates activity in the group.

Share Funny Videos, Gifs

Send hilarious YouTube videos and reaction gifs that match the group’s sense of humor. Laughter goes a long way.

Recommend Useful Articles

Share articles with life hacks, recipes, productivity tips etc. tailored to the group’s interests. Useful info everyone can benefit from.

Post Inspirational Quotes

Quotes are an uplifting way to start conversations. Share inspiring quotes or pieces of wisdom relative to the group.

Change Things Up

Simple changes introduce novelty and give a fresh feel.

Refresh Group Icon/Name

Periodically changing the group icon to a new photo or updating the group name injects new energy.

Add New Members Occasionally

Welcoming new members once in a while mixes up the dynamics and brings new perspectives. Keep size manageable though.

Start New Conversation Themes

Retire existing threads that have run their course and start new popular topic threads to restart engaging chats.


WhatsApp groups thrive when members are actively participating. Following tips like starting interactive topics, planning collaborative activities, assigning roles and sharing fun content can keep conversation flowing day after day. Most importantly, fostering a positive and respectful environment will make the group an enjoyable forum everyone looks forward to. With a little creativity and effort, you can transform boring old groups into lively, interesting chats with high member engagement.

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How do you politely ask members to leave a WhatsApp group?

If you need to remove someone from the group, send them a polite private message explaining why and asking them to exit, rather than removing them directly. If they are posting inappropriate content, violating group rules or being disrespectful, let them know their behavior goes against the group’s guidelines and ask them to voluntarily leave.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed in a WhatsApp group?

Currently, WhatsApp allows up to 256 participants in a single group chat. The app may increase this limit in the future, but for now 256 is the maximum number of members possible in one WhatsApp group.

How do you deal with group members who don’t participate?

If some members aren’t actively chatting, politely and directly message them asking if they’d like to remain part of the group. If they want to stay, encourage participation by tagging them in relevant conversations. But don’t call them out in the group. If they don’t respond, they can be removed.

What’s the best time of day to send messages in a WhatsApp group?

The most ideal time to send messages is late afternoon or early evening when most members are done with work and available to chat. Avoid sending late night messages as you don’t want to disturb people who have notifications on during sleep hours.

Is there a way to save important messages or media in a WhatsApp group?

Yes, WhatsApp lets you star messages or media like photos, videos, documents etc. Starred messages get bookmarked, so you can easily find them later. Just long press on any message and tap the star icon to save it. You’ll find all starred messages in the Starred Messages section.

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