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“Dreamum Wakeupum” is a song from the Bollywood movie “Aiyyaa”, released in 2012. This quirky and energetic track is known for its catchy tune and unique lyrics, which blend Tamil, Hindi, and English words in a playful manner. The song became popular for its humorous take on Bollywood’s musical style and its over-the-top choreography, reflecting the film’s theme of a woman’s fantastical and colorful dream world.

Dreamum Wakeupum Lyrics English Translation

आई आई यो आई आई यो
i yo i i yo
ड्रीमम वेकअपम क्रिटिकल कंडीशनम
dreamum wakeup critical condition
हे अर्थम पेक्पम हिल डुल सब शेक्पम
Hey Artham Peppam Hill Dull Sab Shekpam
फेस टू फेसम धरती बोटरम
face to face earth botrum
टॉप टू बेसम काम सुतरम
Top to Besame Kama Sutram
थाईसम थंडरम डाउन मंडरम
Thaisam Thunder Down Mandram
साइज्म मेटरम थिंक द मंडरम
size materum think the mandaram
जमपिंगम पम्पिंगम थ्रोबिंगम थम्पिंगम
Jumpingum Pumpingum Throbingum Thumpingum
हार्ट बीटनम ढोल पीटनम
Heart Beatnam Dhol Peetnam
लव लस्ट डबल कष्ट बड़ा धीटनम
love lust double trouble bada dhitnam
बॉडी हिटनम हॉट सिटनम
body hitnum hot sitnum
कालिंग फायर ब्रिगेड भी डीफीटनम
Calling Fire Brigade also defytnum
सेव टू सेवम दिल में उतरम
Save to Savem Dil Mein Utram
टॉप टू बेसम काम सुतरम
Top to Besame Kama Sutram
थाईसम थंडरम डाउन मंडरम
Thaisam Thunder Down Mandram
साइज्म मेटरम थिंक द मंडरम
size materum think the mandaram
जमपिंगम पम्पिंगम श्त्रीलिंगम पुल्लिंगम
Jumpingam Pumpingam Strilingam Pullingam

Lyrics and Their Meaning

The lyrics of “Dreamum Wakeupum” are a mix of languages and nonsensical phrases, designed more for their sound and rhythmic quality than for literal meaning. The song opens with the words “Dreamum Wakeupum,” which seems to play on the idea of dreaming and waking up, perhaps symbolizing the protagonist’s escape from reality into a world of fantasy.

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Critical Condition of Dreams

The phrase “critical conditionam” suggests a heightened state of excitement or urgency, aligning with the film’s theme of intense and passionate dreaming. The song humorously exaggerates this state, likening it to a medical emergency.

Earthly and Sensual Imagery

“Hey Artham Peppam Hill Dull Sab Shekpam” and other similar lines are nonsensical but seem to evoke a sense of shaking or movement, possibly referencing the dance and excitement. “Face to face earth botrum” and “Top to Besame Kama Sutram” suggest a direct, intense encounter, with a playful nod to the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text on sexuality.

Thunder, Size, and the Physical Realm

The use of words like “Thaisam Thunder” and “size materum” can be interpreted as evoking physical attraction and the powerful, almost thunderous impact of that attraction. These lines playfully exaggerate the physical and sensual aspects of attraction.

Heartbeats and Rhythmic Elements

“Heart Beatnam Dhol Peetnam” relates to the heart beating like a drum (dhol), a common metaphor in Bollywood songs to signify love or strong emotions. The inclusion of rhythmic words like “Jumpingum Pumpingum” adds a lively, danceable quality to the song, emphasizing its high energy and celebratory nature.

Love, Lust, and Emotional Complexity

“Love lust double trouble bada dhitnam” humorously acknowledges the complexity and challenges of love and desire. It’s a playful acknowledgment of the often confusing and contradictory feelings that come with attraction.

Interpretation and Cultural Impact

“Dreamum Wakeupum” is a prime example of how contemporary Bollywood songs often blend different languages and cultural elements to create a unique and entertaining experience. The song doesn’t take itself seriously and is meant to be a fun, energetic number that captures the essence of the film’s whimsical and colorful narrative.

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The song also reflects a broader trend in Indian cinema where traditional elements are mixed with modern, global influences. This fusion represents the evolving nature of Indian culture in the context of globalization.


In summary, “Dreamum Wakeupum” stands out for its playful and imaginative lyrics, catchy beat, and vibrant choreography. While the words may not hold deep meaning, they perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Bollywood’s musical extravagance and the film’s theme of a dreamy escape from reality. The song remains a memorable and iconic piece in the landscape of Indian cinema, celebrated for its joyful absurdity and its ability to make audiences smile and dance.

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