Who is Tom Brady Dating Now?

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Tom Brady, the 7-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, has been back in the spotlight not just for his skills on the football field, but also for his personal relationships. Fresh off his high-profile divorce from model Gisele Bundchen, many have wondered about Tom Brady’s current relationship status. Who exactly is the NFL superstar dating now?

Tom Brady’s Relationship History

While his 2022 divorce captured headlines, Tom Brady has been linked to various high-profile women over the years. Before connecting with and marrying Gisele Bundchen in 2009, Brady dated actress Tara Reid and was linked to other models and actresses. However, none of these earlier relationships reached the level of commitment that Brady had with Bundchen.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady and Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen met in 2006 and married just a few years later in 2009. The power couple would go on to have two children together – Benjamin and Vivian. Throughout their 13-year marriage, Bundchen was a staple at Brady’s games and one of his biggest supporters.

However, in October 2022 the couple announced their divorce with statements citing irreconcilable differences. While the exact reasons are not clear, many sources reference tension over Brady’s decision to un-retire from the NFL along with differing personalities and priorities after more than a decade together. Still, the two have said they will continue co-parenting their children amicably.

Tom Brady’s Current Relationship Status

In the months since announcing his divorce, various rumors have surfaced about Tom Brady dating again. He was linked to names like model Veronika Rajek along with speculation around Brady’s inner circle. However, concrete confirmation of his new girlfriend did not emerge until January 2023.

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Tom Brady’s Girlfriend: Irina Shayk

In January 2023, it was revealed that Tom Brady is dating supermodel Irina Shayk. Shayk is known for her modeling work and high-profile relationships like her past tie to actor Bradley Cooper. The Russian-born model now living in New York City has done campaigns for brands like Guess, Victoria’s Secret, and Lacoste.

Shayk, age 37, and Brady reportedly connected through mutual friends and their children’s school connections. By early January 2023, multiple sources confirmed they are officially dating exclusively after building an initial friendship.

While Brady and Shayk have not publicly commented directly on their budding relationship, insiders have reported the two spent time together around the holidays and Brady’s recent birthday. They allegedly took a tropical vacation together as their romance heats up in early 2023 according to reports.

It seems the longtime NFL superstar has ushered in a new era after his divorce – and Irina Shayk is the lady by his side.

Responses to Tom Brady’s New Relationship

The news of Tom Brady’s relationship with Irina Shayk has unsurprisingly captured attention across entertainment and sports media. Reactions have ranged from surprise to excitement about the pairing of these two mega-celebrities.

Comments from those close to Brady like his Tampa teammates and family have been vaguely supportive regarding reports of a new girlfriend. Shayk herself has been mum on her latest high-profile relationship.

Opinions among fans and pop culture voices have been split with some focused on their respective star power while others take issue with moves so soon after respective breakups. Still, Irina seems unfazed by chatter as she avoids directly addressing her latest celebrity couple status.

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What’s Next for Tom Brady’s Love Life?

Only time will tell whether Tom Brady’s latest relationship with Irina Shayk develops into more of a long-term commitment. Early speculation centers on two major factors: their respective ages and the fact both have children.

At 37, Shayk is slightly younger than the 46-year old Brady. And the model seems open to more children. Could Brady be seeking to expand his family further with Irina? Sources claim Brady himself has intimated he remains interested in additional kids.

Some sources close to the stars think that with the pressures and drama of past relationships behind them now, both Shayk and Brady hope for something real. Whether it culminates in marriage remains to be seen but the makings for a robust relationship appear to be there if maturity and communication shine through.

Tom Brady’s Appeal in Relationships

Examining Tom Brady’s appeal in relationships goes beyond tabloid gossip or celebrity status with Shayk. Many close to Brady cite his personality and character driving his relationship success over just wealth or fame.

Yes, Brady’s star power, talent, business empire, and connections intrigue potential partners on some level without question. But for those seeking meaningful relationships, Brady wins over women with qualities like humor, confidence, intelligence and an ability to emotionally support his partners according to insiders.

His desire for more children and family-focused lifestyle balances with Shayk’s own priorities as a mother herself. If their bond develops further, their relationship could thrive on openness, trust and willingness to blend their backgrounds.

Time will tell but the makings for compatibility beyond surface connections seem clear. Brady continues proving his magnetism beyond the field. This latest tie to Irina Shayk may be further evidence of that.

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Tom Brady has embarked on a new chapter following his divorce from Gisele Bundchen by dating supermodel Irina Shayk. While still fresh, their relationship has gained swift momentum on the heels of Brady’s split from his wife of 13 years.

This new pairing shows that despite fame and baggage from the past, Brady remains open to love. With the bond he is fostering with Shayk rooted in friendship, respect and mutual understanding beyond tabloid allure – the two single parents may be building towards something significant.

Just as he has so often defied odds to achieve football glory, his latest foray with Shayk defies expectations. No one but Brady himself knows what the future may hold but one thing remains clear: his status as a relationship magnet seems as strong as ever.


How did Tom Brady and Irina Shayk meet?

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk reportedly first connected through mutual friends and bonded over having children attend the same school. This built into a friendship before dating.

What was Irina Shayk’s most high-profile past relationship?

Irina Shayk dated actor Bradley Cooper for several years. The two share a daughter together named Lea but split in 2019.

Does Irina Shayk have children?

Yes, Irina Shayk has one daughter named Lea age 5 from her previous relationship with Bradley Cooper.

How many kids does Tom Brady have?

Tom Brady has three children – two with Gisele Bundchen named Benjamin and Vivian, along with an older son named Jack from a past relationship.

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