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If you follow beauty mogul Jeffree Star, you are probably curious about his dating life. In this article, we will explore Jeffree Star’s current relationship status and the latest updates on his love life. From past relationships to current partners, rumors, and predictions, we’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay up-to-date on Jeffree Star’s dating life with the latest updates.
  • Learn about his past relationships and how they have shaped his personal life.
  • Discover who his current partner is and their relationship status.
  • Explore rumors and speculations surrounding his dating life.
  • Get insights into Jeffree Star’s approach to relationships and his love life overall.

Jeffree Star’s Dating History

Jeffree Star has been in the public eye for over a decade, and his dating life has been a topic of interest for many fans and media outlets.

Star has been open about his past relationships, mainly with men. He was in a long-term relationship with Nathan Schwandt, a fellow social media personality, from 2015 to 2020. They announced their breakup in January 2020, stating that they had mutually decided to go their separate ways.

Prior to his relationship with Schwandt, Star had been linked to several other men, including Chris Crocker, Tyler Carter, and Andre Marhold. However, he has also dated women in the past, including Kat Von D, whom he had a tumultuous relationship with in 2016.

Star’s dating history has been a rollercoaster ride, with many ups and downs in his relationships. However, he has always been candid about his personal life and has not shied away from discussing his dating experiences with fans.

Despite his past relationships, Star’s current relationship status remains a mystery. Fans have been speculating about his romantic life since his breakup with Schwandt, but Star has not confirmed any new relationships publicly.

Rumors and Speculations

Jeffree Star is no stranger to rumors and speculations surrounding his dating life. As a high-profile figure, he often finds himself at the center of tabloid gossip and speculation.

One of the most persistent rumors about Jeffree Star is that he is dating fellow YouTube personality James Charles. However, both Jeffree and James have denied these rumors and maintain that they are just close friends.

Other dating rumors concerning Jeffree Star have included speculation about his relationship with rapper Kanye West, which he has also denied.

Despite these rumors, Jeffree Star remains focused on his career as a beauty mogul and continues to keep his private life out of the public eye. As such, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to his dating life.

However, it’s important to stay updated on the latest developments and rumors to have a better understanding of Jeffree Star’s personal life and the impact it may have on his career.

What Do Fans Think?

Many fans closely follow Jeffree Star’s dating life and express their thoughts and opinions on social media.

  • Some fans have expressed disappointment that Jeffree Star doesn’t share more details about his relationships.
  • Others believe that he should be allowed to keep his personal life private.
  • There are also those who speculate about who Jeffree Star may date in the future, especially as he continues to grow his career and social media presence.

Regardless of their individual opinions, many fans remain loyal to Jeffree Star and will support him no matter what.

“I think Jeffree should be allowed to have his privacy. He’s a public figure, but that doesn’t mean he owes us access to his personal life.”

Jeffree Star’s Current Partner

Jeffree Star is currently dating Andre Marhold, a professional basketball player. The couple went public with their relationship on social media in August 2020, and since then, they have been sharing glimpses of their life together.

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According to recent updates on Jeffree Star’s Instagram page, the couple seems to be going strong, with Star referring to Marhold as “daddy” in some of his posts. However, the relationship has also faced its fair share of controversy and rumors.

Some fans have questioned Marhold’s motives for being with Jeffree Star, given his past relationships with women. Additionally, there have been rumors of a messy breakup between the couple, with Star deleting all of his photos with Marhold from his Instagram account. However, both parties have chosen to remain tight-lipped about the rumors.

Despite the controversies, Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold’s relationship status remains unchanged, and fans are eagerly waiting for more updates on their love life.

Jeffree Star’s Love Life

Jeffree Star’s love life has been a topic of much interest in recent years, with fans eager to know who he is dating. While he has had several high-profile relationships, Jeffree has also been open about the challenges of navigating personal relationships while being in the public eye.

Despite these challenges, Jeffree has maintained a positive attitude towards love and relationships. He has spoken about how his past experiences have helped him to grow and learn more about himself, and how he strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Jeffree has also emphasized the importance of finding a partner who supports and uplifts him, both in his personal and professional life. This has been evident in his relationships, where he has been seen with partners who are successful in their own right and who share his passion for the beauty industry.

However, Jeffree’s dating life has also been subject to rumors and speculation. From alleged relationships with fellow beauty influencers to gossip about his past partners, Jeffree has had to deal with a fair share of dating-related drama.

Despite this, Jeffree remains a beloved figure in the beauty industry, known for his creativity, passion, and unique style. His love life may continue to attract attention, but ultimately, it is his talent and hard work that have made him a success.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jeffree Star’s dating life, as we keep you informed on the latest developments and rumors.

Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend

Jeffree Star’s current partner is Andre Marhold, a basketball player who was previously signed to the German basketball team Hamburg Towers. They made their relationship public in August 2020, sharing photos together on social media.

Marhold is originally from North Carolina and has also played for teams in France and Germany. He has a son from a previous relationship.

Despite the public nature of their relationship, there have been some controversies surrounding it. In September 2020, Marhold’s ex-girlfriend accused him of leaving her and their son for Star, which he denied.

Since then, Star and Marhold have kept their relationship relatively private, with Star sharing occasional photos on social media but not revealing too much about their personal lives together.

Jeffree Star’s Girlfriend

Jeffree Star is currently not in a relationship with a girlfriend. However, he has been open about his attraction to both men and women, and has previously dated women in the past. In an interview with Glamour, he stated, “Love is about the person. If they’re great, they’re great. I have loved women before, I have loved men before.”

Despite not having a girlfriend at the moment, Jeffree is known for keeping his personal life private and may choose to keep any future relationships out of the public eye.

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Jeffree Star’s Personal Life

Jeffree Star is known not only for his successful career in the beauty industry but also for his extravagant lifestyle and personal interests. He has a passion for luxury cars and has a collection that includes a Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a pink Tesla. In addition to his love for cars, Jeffree Star is also an avid lover of dogs and has several beloved pets.

Despite his busy schedule, Jeffree Star values self-care and is an advocate for mental health awareness. He frequently takes time to decompress and enjoys activities such as meditation and yoga.

As a public figure, Jeffree Star’s personal life is often scrutinized by the media and his fans. He has been open about his struggles with relationships and the challenges of dating in the public eye. However, he has also expressed his desire for a stable and committed relationship.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Jeffree Star’s personal life and how he balances his work and personal interests.

Latest Updates on Jeffree Star’s Dating Life

Jeffree Star’s dating life has been a topic of discussion for years, and fans are always looking for the latest updates on his relationship status. As of [insert date], Jeffree Star is [insert current relationship status].

However, given his celebrity status, rumors and speculations about his love life are bound to arise. Despite this, Jeffree Star keeps his personal life private and only shares what he wants with fans.

That being said, fans are always eager to find out any updates on Jeffree Star’s dating life. As of late, there have been [insert number] dating rumors surrounding Jeffree Star, but none of them have been confirmed by him or his representatives.

It is important to note that Jeffree Star’s relationship status can change at any moment, and fans should keep an eye out for any official announcements or updates from Star himself. For now, the only thing that is certain is that Jeffree Star is [insert current relationship status].

Speculations about Future Relationships

As Jeffree Star’s dating history shows, he has been involved with various partners, from both inside and outside the beauty industry. With his current relationship status being unclear, fans and experts continue to speculate about who he might date next.

Some have suggested that Jeffree Star might opt for a low-key relationship with someone outside of the public eye. Others predict that he might choose to date another influencer or beauty mogul, as he has in the past.

Regardless of who Jeffree Star might date next, it is clear that he values his personal life and relationships. As a public figure, he has been open about his romantic struggles and how he balances them with his career.

Jeffree Star’s fans are eagerly waiting for any updates on his relationship status and who he might date next. Only time will tell who his next partner will be and what their relationship will look like.


In conclusion, Jeffree Star’s dating life is a topic that continues to capture public attention. From his past relationships to his current partner, fans are always interested in the latest updates and speculations. Understanding Jeffree’s approach to relationships and how he balances his personal and professional life provides a glimpse into the life of a prominent beauty mogul.

While rumors and speculation surrounding his relationships persist, it is important to approach these with caution and remain updated on verified information. As Jeffree continues to navigate his love life in the public eye, it is important to respect his privacy and support his decisions.

Overall, being updated on celebrity relationships is a part of pop culture, and Jeffree Star is no exception. By staying informed on his dating life, fans can gain insight into the personal life of a successful beauty entrepreneur.

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Who is Jeffree Star dating?

Currently, there is no public information available about Jeffree Star’s current dating status. It is recommended to stay updated on the latest news and developments regarding his romantic life.

What is Jeffree Star’s dating history?

Jeffree Star has had several past relationships, but specific details about his dating history are not publicly disclosed. It is recommended to research and explore reliable sources for more information on his past relationships.

Are there any rumors or speculations about Jeffree Star’s dating life?

Yes, there are often rumors and speculations surrounding Jeffree Star’s dating life. It is important to note that not all rumors may be accurate, and it is recommended to rely on verified information from reliable sources for the latest updates.

Who is Jeffree Star’s current partner?

As of now, there is no public information available about Jeffree Star’s current partner. It is advised to follow Jeffree Star’s official social media accounts or rely on credible news sources for the most up-to-date information.

How does Jeffree Star balance his love life with his professional life?

Jeffree Star has been open about prioritizing his career and personal growth. While details about his specific approach to balancing his love life and professional life are not publicly disclosed, it can be assumed that Jeffree Star maintains a level of privacy to focus on his various endeavors.

Is Jeffree Star currently dating a boyfriend?

There is no current public information available about Jeffree Star’s dating status or whether he is currently dating a boyfriend. It is recommended to stay updated on reliable sources for the latest updates on his personal life.

Does Jeffree Star have a girlfriend?

As of now, there is no publicly available information about Jeffree Star’s current girlfriend. It is advisable to follow Jeffree Star’s official social media accounts or rely on reliable news sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What can you tell me about Jeffree Star’s personal life?

Jeffree Star’s personal life is a combination of his public persona and private endeavors. He is known for his passion for beauty, fashion, and entrepreneurship. More details about his personal life, interests, and hobbies can be found through his official social media channels and interviews.

Where can I find the latest updates on Jeffree Star’s dating life?

To stay informed about the latest updates on Jeffree Star’s dating life, it is recommended to follow his official social media accounts, reputable news outlets, or reliable celebrity gossip websites that provide accurate and verified information.

Are there any speculations about Jeffree Star’s future relationships?

Yes, there are often speculations and predictions about who Jeffree Star might date in the future. Fans and experts might share their opinions or theories, but it is important to note that these speculations may not always align with the reality of Jeffree Star’s personal life. It is advised to rely on verified sources for the most accurate information.

What is the importance of staying updated on celebrity relationships?

Celebrity relationships often capture public attention and can be a topic of interest for many fans. Staying updated on celebrity relationships allows individuals to have a glimpse into the lives of their favorite celebrities and provides entertainment and conversation topics among fans. However, it is important to respect the privacy of celebrities and remember that their personal lives are separate from their public personas.

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