Who is Amy Carter’s Second Husband?

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Amy Carter, the only daughter of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter, married James Gregory, a computer consultant, back in 1996. They had one son together named Hugo James Wentzel, but unfortunately divorced after 16 years of marriage in 2012.

Amy would eventually find love again with her second husband, James Wentzel. But who exactly is this man that became Amy’s spouse in 2018? Here is a deeper look at James Wentzel’s background and his marriage to the former First Daughter.

James Wentzel

James Wentzel, born in 1965, is a healthcare IT consultant and project manager from Atlanta, Georgia. He specializes in electronic medical records (EMR) systems and has over 20 years of experience working for major hospitals and healthcare networks across the Midwest and South regions.

Wentzel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Management from Emory University in Atlanta. Outside of work, some of his interests including boating, doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity, and spending time with his new blended family.

How Amy and James Met

Amy and James actually first met back in grade school and reconnected years later thanks to the encouragement of Amy’s mother and former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter.

According to Amy, Rosalynn pushed for the two childhood friends to start talking again shortly after Amy’s divorce in 2012. They started getting coffee and going on more dates until they ultimately decided to get married and join their families together.

Details of Their Relationship

Wedding and Current Family

On August 8, 2018, James Wentzel and Amy officially tied the knot in a small wedding ceremony held in her hometown of Plains, Georgia. They now live together happily with their combined 5 sons – Amy’s son Hugo from her first marriage, James’ three sons from his previous marriage, and Amy’s nephew, Jason.

The families have blended wonderfully according to Amy, who says having older sons has helped both her and James adjust smoothly to married life again. She also credits her mother Rosalynn for encouraging them every step of the long process.

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Wentzel’s Career and Interests

Professionally, James Wentzel continues his consulting work implementing EMR systems for major hospitals and doctor’s offices. Healthcare IT is a rapidly growing industry, which keeps him steadily busy managing teams and technology projects across the region.

Beyond work and family though, James makes time for a few personal hobbies as well. His love of being out on the water leads him to go boating and fishing whenever he can. And inspired by Amy’s charitable efforts, James also volunteers his free time building houses for those in need with Habitat for Humanity.

Comparisons to Amy’s First Marriage

Comparing this second marriage to her first, Amy acknowledges things feel much different with James Wentzel. Her relationship with first husband James Gregory was difficult at times, something Amy attributes partially to their young age when they wed.

The stress and scrutiny of being a politician’s child in the public eye also added challenges during Amy’s first marriage that simply do not exist today. Life outside of Washington D.C. with James Wentzel allows for greater privacy and a more low profile lifestyle overall.

Additionally, with their sons all grown older now, Amy and James also skip the early years of child-rearing – instead able to simply enjoy their empty nest and retirement together. She describes feeling an ease and comfort with James that took years to develop previously, giving this marriage wonderful stability from the start.

Life Today

Currently, Amy and James live together residing primarily out of Plains, Georgia while also occasionally staying at a second home in northern Michigan they renovated.

Where Amy and James Live

The couple wanted to be near family in Plains, where Amy’s 96 year-old father President Carter still lives and preaches Sunday School. James’ work as a traveling healthcare consultant also takes him all throughout the South and Midwest regularly for extended stretches.

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But they likewise desired their own retreat further from fame and the spotlight where Amy grew up. So their second home located along the Great Lakes serves as the perfect private getaway from busy daily life when needed.

Amy’s Activism

Amy remains actively devoted to a number of political and social causes – prison reform, women’s rights, healthcare access, and more. She writes books, speaks publicly, and works closely with The Carter Center on various human rights initiatives around the world.

And while no longer in any public office himself, even her father President Carter tirelessly continues charity projects well into his 90s. James Wentzel is entirely supportive of Amy’s passions to give back and travels with her when he can despite his own busy work schedule.

James’ IT Career

With extensive experience under his belt, James Wentzel consults as a specialized project manager for major players in the healthcare industry implementing EMR technologies.

Electronic medical records improve hospitals’ and doctors’ offices efficiency and patient care through better data management. This makes James’ expertise integrating updated IT systems incredibly valuable for providers nationwide seeking to modernize and meet regulatory standards.

His ability to handle complex multi-year, multi-million dollar systems upgrades regularly takes James around the Midwest and South meeting face-to-face with executives to ensure smooth transitions and change management. While travel heavy at times, the work allows James to utilize both his technical and interpersonal skillsets.


In the end, Amy Carter has truly found love a second time later in life with husband James Wentzel by her side. Though once childhood friends, their relationship today as a married couple took decades and persistence to finally come together.

After heartaches in the national spotlight and past failed marriages, James now offers Amy a peaceful, private partner to grow old with back home in Plains. They blend their families beautifully while both continuing independent careers based on their passions – Amy’s charity work and James’ healthcare IT consulting.

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The former First Daughter faced many difficulties early on, but now gets to live life on her own terms with someone supporting her interests fully. James Wentzel’s love and stability has given Amy Carter a wonderful second chapter to happily write.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Amy Carter’s second husband James Wentzel?

James Wentzel is around 59 years old currently. Reports list him as born in 1965, making him three years younger than wife Amy Carter.

How did Amy and James Wentzel first reconnect?

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter encouraged her divorced daughter Amy and James Wentzel to reconnect and go on a date. As childhood grade school friends, they had lost touch until Amy’s mother rekindled their friendship following Amy’s first divorce.

Where do Amy and James live primarily?

The couple resides together primarily in Plains, Georgia to be near Amy’s family and father President Carter. But they also own a second home up north in Michigan they retreat to frequently as a private getaway from the public eye.

What does James Wentzel do for a living?

James Wentzel works as a specialized consultant and project manager in the healthcare IT industry. He focuses on managing the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) systems at large hospitals and medical networks around the Midwest and South.

How does Amy’s second marriage compare to her unhappy first one?

Amy describes her current marriage to James Wentzel as far more stable, easy, and comfortable than her previous union, which struggled under public scrutiny and the stresses of raising a young child. The ability to live more privately and focus on their passions makes all the difference for the couple’s happiness.

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