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Team building is super important for any group that works together. It helps everyone get along better and work smoothly as a team. At On Purpose Adventures in Charleston, they offer really cool and different ways to help teams grow stronger together. They take you out of the usual office setting and into exciting adventures where you can have fun and learn to work better with your coworkers. Isn’t it interesting to think about how a fun day doing something different could make everyone work better together? Let’s dive into what kinds of fun activities they have!

Dive into Adventure with Kayak Team Building

Imagine taking a break from the usual office chairs and computers and instead grabbing a life jacket and a paddle for a day of team building! That’s exactly what Kayak Team Building with On Purpose Adventures offers. This unique activity takes place in the beautiful waters around Charleston teambuilding, and it’s a fun way to bring everyone together.

Firstly, before you even get on the water, there are some on-land exercises. These activities are designed to break the ice and get everyone chatting and laughing. They help shake off any shyness or hesitation, making sure everyone is ready to dive into the adventure with confidence.

Then, it’s time to hit the water. Teams get into kayaks—some are single, and some are tandem, meaning you have to work with a partner. This part is not just about paddling around; it involves facing challenges together. You might need to solve a problem or complete a task, which really helps in building trust and teamwork.

Moreover, as you paddle through the scenic views, every team member plays a part in navigating the challenges. This experience doesn’t just build muscle; it strengthens communication skills and boosts team spirit. Plus, it’s a refreshing change from the everyday work environment, making it a memorable day that benefits everyone long after it’s over.

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Energize with Combat Archery

Imagine turning the excitement of dodgeball into a team building adventure with bows and foam-tipped arrows! That’s what Combat Archery at On Purpose Adventures is all about. This activity is like a fun game where you play on teams, trying to dodge arrows and tag opponents. It’s not only thrilling but also safe and brings everyone together in an unforgettable way.

Firstly, Combat Archery is more than just playing around. It encourages everyone to think quickly and work as a team. You need to come up with strategies on the spot, which really improves how you make fast decisions and solve problems together. Also, it’s a great exercise to help teammates trust and rely on each other in a dynamic environment.

Moreover, this game is a fantastic way to break the ice among team members. It helps people step out of their normal work roles and have fun together, which is great for building genuine friendships. The laughter and excitement from dodging and shooting foam arrows create a lively atmosphere that makes everyone feel more connected.

In addition to being a blast, Combat Archery teaches important skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. These skills are crucial back at the office too. After all, a team that can strategize and laugh together is likely to be more successful and united in their everyday work challenges.

Explore with the Holy City Wanderer Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to explore Charleston in a whole new way with the Holy City Wanderer Scavenger Hunt! This adventure takes you through the heart of Charleston, combining fun with a dash of learning and team building. It’s not just any walk around town; it’s a GPS-guided journey where your team solves puzzles and uncovers clues scattered throughout historic and picturesque locations.

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First off, each team gets a map and a series of clues. As you follow these clues, you’ll learn interesting facts about Charleston’s rich history and see beautiful sights that you might not find on your own. This journey is not just about reaching the end first; it’s about working together and enjoying the experience.

Moreover, this scavenger hunt helps everyone on the team communicate better and collaborate more effectively. Solving the clues requires everyone to contribute their ideas and listen to each other, which are key skills back in the workplace too. Plus, the shared challenge of finding the next location keeps the excitement high and strengthens bonds.

Crack Codes Together in Code Breakers

If you prefer a challenge that doesn’t require getting muddy or sweaty, then Code Breakers is perfect for you! This activity is all about cracking puzzles and solving riddles right from your desk, making it ideal for teams that include remote members or just prefer indoor activities.

Firstly, teams are presented with a series of puzzles that must be solved within a time limit. This setup tests and improves your group’s problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure. Plus, since it’s a game that can be played virtually, team members who aren’t in the same place can join in the fun and contribute equally.

Moreover, Code Breakers is great for fostering communication among team members. Everyone needs to talk clearly and listen well to solve the puzzles quickly. It’s a fantastic way to practice these skills in a fun, low-stakes environment, which can make everyone more comfortable communicating in the real work setting.

Additionally, this activity strengthens the bond between team members by giving them a shared goal. Working together to decode each challenge not only brings a sense of achievement but also makes the team stronger and more united.

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Section 5: Strengthen Foundations with CORE Training

CORE Training is all about making your team the best it can be. CORE stands for Communicating Open-minded Real-time Engagement, and it’s a program that helps teams work better together, whether they are all in one place or spread out across different locations.

This training involves a variety of activities that get everyone talking, thinking, and solving problems together. These activities are designed to be fun and engaging, helping team members to open up and share their thoughts and ideas more freely.

Moreover, CORE Training is great because it can be tailored to fit any team’s needs. Whether your team is learning how to work together for the first time, or you’re trying to solve a specific problem, this program can help. It teaches important skills like how to communicate effectively, how to lead and follow, and how to think creatively to find solutions.

As a result, teams that go through CORE Training tend to be more cohesive and efficient. They understand each other better and are equipped to tackle whatever challenges come their way.


On Purpose Adventures offers a variety of team-building activities that are not only fun but also very beneficial for workplace dynamics. From kayaking and combat archery to scavenger hunts and problem-solving games, there’s something for every team. Each activity is designed to strengthen skills that are essential in the workplace, like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

So, if you’re looking to boost morale and improve productivity in a fun and engaging way, consider booking a team-building event with On Purpose Adventures. It’s a great opportunity to bring your team together, enhance their skills, and make your workplace stronger and more connected.

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