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Celebrating birthdays is a beloved tradition around the world. We all want to make our loved ones feel special on their big day. There are so many amazing ways to share birthday wishes and make someone’s day memorable.

Ways to Wish Happy Birthday

When it comes to wishing someone a happy birthday, personalized messages are always appreciated. Consider who you’re celebrating and craft a message just for them. Here are some great ideas to inspire you.

Personalized Messages

Personalized messages come straight from the heart. Think about your relationship with the birthday honoree and highlight specific memories or qualities that make them special. Sentimental messages are very thoughtful.

For example: “Thinking today about many wonderful conversations over the years and your unique perspective on things. Happy birthday to my insightful friend!”

Funny Wishes

Humorous birthday greetings are perfect for lifting spirits and sparking laughter. Recall inside jokes and embarrassing stories they won’t mind being teased about. Keep the tone light-hearted and clever.

For instance: “Happy birthday to someone who brings new meaning to the phrase ‘young at heart’. Here’s to staying forever foolish!”

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational sayings beautifully highlight hopes for the coming year. Find quotes that speak to the birthday person’s dreams, values and personality. Combining your sentiments with the words of great thinkers makes your message more profound.

For example: “Here’s to the dreamers like yourself who believe anything is possible. May all your wishes come true this year. Happy birthday!”

Creative Greetings

Get clever and artistic with your happy birthday wish by crafting something unique they’ll want to save. Bake a custom cake, design digital art, record a personalized song, make photo books chronicling your best times together. Outside-the-box gestures show how much you care.

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Gift Ideas

Choosing an awesome birthday present can seem challenging. Make gift-giving easier with ideas specially catered to the birthday VIP. Think about their preferences and interests to decide on a gift that truly excites them.

Favorite Treats

You can’t go wrong with their beloved snacks or sweet treats! Customize a gift basket overflowing with delicious edibles like artisanal chocolate, fancy nut assortments, gourmet popcorn or coffee blends. This eats well gift is sure to satisfy food lovers.

Experience Gifts

For the adventurous at heart, gift unforgettable experiences! Book them a hot air balloon ride, spa getaway weekend, concert tickets to see their favorite musician, whiskey tasting class, a meal at that trendy new restaurant. Living life to the fullest is the best present.

Personalized Gifts

Add an extra special touch by personalizing a present with their name, monogram initials or meaningful dates. Customize jewelry, robe, luggage tags, cufflinks, picture frames, apparel, desktop items and more. It shows you put real thought into finding a one-of-a-kind gift.

Party Planning Tips

Host an incredible birthday bash by transforming the space, planning fun activities and wowing guests with awesome details. Use these tips to throw a celebration that dazzles and delights.


Decorate to impress with scene setters like balloons, streamers, custom signage and themed accents. Display photos from throughout the years, play a slideshow, create a decoration station for guests to make birthday cards.


Keep the party lively and laughs flowing with amusing games for all ages. Go classic with pin the tail on the donkey and limbo. Break into teams for funny challenges like stuffing marshmallows and truth or dare. Hand out prizes to game winners!

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Food and Drink

Treat party goers to themed snacks, sweets and signature cocktails tailored to the guest of honor. Make it mesmerizing with a candy bar, ice cream sundae bar, grazing table, or bartender mixing custom drinks inspired by the birthday VIP.

Music and Entertainment

Play their favorite tunes and wow with unique entertainment like video tributes, dancing flash mobs, magic shows, improv troupes, drag queen performances, celebrity impersonators. The right act amps up the night’s amusement!

Making Birthdays Special for Different People

Sure, generic greetings work for acquaintances. But for your nearest and dearest, customizing how you celebrate their big day based on who they are shows how well you know and adore them.

Significant Other

For your darling partner, plan romantic birthday activities catered for two. Surprise them in bed with breakfast, give them a couples massage, have flowers delivered, prepare their favorite meal, watch movies and cuddle, gaze at the stars, exchange loving gifts.

Best Friend

Show your BFF a fun-filled birthday adventure! Kidnap them for a road trip to somewhere new and exciting, spend the day at an amusement park, stay up all night playing games and watching movies, attend a concert together, get matching tattoos to commemorate your bond.


Make your parents’ birthday focused on family and relaxation. Arrange for the whole family to spend quality time together over a potluck brunch, put together photo memory albums chronicling their lives, organize an outing to their favorite museum or scenic nature trail, indulge them with luxury amenities.


For little ones, birthday celebrations are all about them! Let them feel like the star of the show at their party with kid performers, bouncy houses, petting zoos, over-the-top cake, loot bag favors, costumes, and most importantly–inviting all their friends.

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No matter who you’re celebrating, the most meaningful way to wish them happy birthday is by making them feel special, loved and important on their special day. Follow this birthday wish guide and you’re sure to brighten their spirits all year long!


Birthdays give us the opportunity to celebrate the people we care about most. With so many amazing ideas for thoughtful personalized messages, awesome presents, delicious treats, fun party themes and activities–you’re sure create an incredible birthday wish experience for that special someone. Show them how much they mean to you by tailoring everything to their unique style and interests. These suggestions will help inspire a magical celebration that makes joyful memories lasting a lifetime!

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